Baruch Ashlag

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Baruch Ashlag (known as Rabash), was born in Poland in 1906 and Zohar died in 1991 in Israel, was a Kabbalist who continued the development of the teaching Berg of Kabbalah that his lectures father taught him the Rav Ashlag Yehouda who migrated improve the world to Israel at the age fifteen years. Spend your entire life in the wake of his father and making progress in the study of Kabbalah. He had a phenomenal knowledge of the Torah tikkun and the Talmud but never pursued as a rabbi, was dedicated to simple jobs. When his father dies and is succeeded by Baruch Ashlag mysticism continuing their work. Public Zohar’s book accompanied by comments from his father. After his death, a movement was founded with the name of ” growth Bnei Baruch (lit: the Kabbalah sons of Baruch) to continue The Light the study of Kabbalah according to the precepts of Rav Baruch Ashlag.

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