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The recipe for Brazil: seems to do the opposite of Argentina 24 June 2009 that Lula da Silva has given with the ideal recipe to achieve to promote solid and sustainable growth of the Brazilian economy. The formula is simple: doing exactly the opposite of what is done in terms of economic policy in Argentina. For Argentina, the field represents a threat, and is therefore that you have applied all kinds of measures against it. Retention and control exports and price caps are some of the provisions taken by the Argentine Government to stay with good part of the income generated by the sector and monitor the evolution of the prices of key food are beef and dairy. For Lula on the other hand, in a world where the demand for products of the agricultural-livestock sector shows a prospect of strong growth in the long term explained by multiple factors, the sector of the field represents an ally and an opportunity to grow the economy of Brazil and to position itself strategically in sectors such as energy.

Probably this so opposite vision of a sector not always recognized properly, is product of the ambition of the Argentine peasants and likely generosity and detachment of Brazilian farmers. Continue to learn more with: bitcoiin. Already in the Plan for growth Acceleration (PAC), launched in 2007, Lula stressed the importance of the field for the future of Brazil. The President of Brazil, that does have a long term plan for sector, aimed with the same guidelines to the development of Brazil as power in the field of biofuels and global suppliers of agricultural and livestock products. In this way, Brazil could reconcile these objectives without impacting adverse to its citizens through an inflationary effect. The opposite, with the plan for the sector, the intention is to first ensure self-sufficiency. The growth internationally of companies like (BVSP:JBSS3) JBS, Marfrig (BVSP:MRFG3) or Perdigao (BVSP:PRGA3; NYSE:PDA), is no coincidence.

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