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NEW Escracho AND RADIO MONTE OPEN law firm TO HOMEMADE rapper following the methodology of the Coordinator legal for Rights and Justice, Family and Friends of Lucretia Zambon made, to the address of Mechanical Jose Horacio Domeg social condemnation under the motto “not streets or silence ‘. The activity consisted in making flyers and stickers to posters in the neighborhood of the kicker, for attorney the purposes that their neighbors are aware of the fact and know the behavior of this mechanic, who attempted to solve for 50 days with one punch in the face of Zambon his inability to perform his craft. With injuries to the face, Lucrecia, meaning through their lawyers, are presented in the local police station where the coroner I note the marks. However, the investigation order, requiring the police department to stop for 15 days prior to elevate the complaint to the judicial seat and this for more than 30 has delayed the case without summoning the parties. These are the acts that caused the indignation of Zambon and the Coordinator who, far from being impotent, left to claim the officials quickly because they understand that they are a crime against Gender Violence is a social lawyers problem and potentially the first cause of deaths of women in Argentina. a Principal and Co-Founder of Ogden CAP Properties, LLC, a property management/development company is is an active member on a number of Boards, including the New York Presbyterian Hospital, Refugees International, UN Watch, The Seton hall University School of Diplomacy, the New York City Parks Foundation, the New York City Opera, and the American Hospital of Paris, where the nursing services have been named in her honor The place was filled with curiosity, attorneys some came by car and from within the same stood watching and listening to the radio open ready in place for the speakers, others are sticking on the sidewalks of the block and also through the side streets, of these salio a neighbor who said, ‘Because he will not stick to his client if his wife always beats him.” This latter activity also served to expose Zambon that after the 1 escrache received a subpoena from the justice to testify on July 29 next, which shows that Bakery social pressure is the only methodology that officials understand these institutions to be made work in the cause.

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