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day of our wedding anniversary. Will seem incredible that a couple where there was always love, many years they forget their anniversary date. Neither we gave importance to that. It was love at us every day. This year if it was not because the computer is warning us. is that when you reach retirement days are not dated nor a commitment and you live everyday doing what you like just keep worrying about being happy. Yesterday May 12 Feast of St. Pancras was our 42nd anniversary. We are pleased and excited Algiers would make this day special. It started with the projects, first go to the church where we married and give thanks to San Antonio for many years of happiness, this is strange because I still is not a practicing Catholic.Going to eat at Segovia , We did so many times that it was not special, suddenly I remembered that there were one more restaurant in Madrid where dinners while the waiters, students gifted in music and song, delight you with songs ranging from opera and zarzuela. Searching the Internet found what he wanted and if everything turned out wonderful, was that the lady who answered the phone, the owner of the establishment, was a good public relations in a subtle way that he went to report on why we chose to dine this night at his establishment. Do not know if that arrival in Madrid coincided with taking my medication, to leave the car in the parking lot and start walking toward the church, my anxiety increased before reaching effort to cost the real effort to walk. to this state, Angel tells me to return home to which I flatly refused could not decline, he had to keep pulling “p’alante” and so hi, I took a couple of crayon and relaxing in a coffee shop I went.Do not think I am right if I tell you what I experienced then do not forget it while I live. At the entrance of the restaurant we went out looking to join us at the table we were assigned, this was a place cozy and romantic with dim lighting and a candle at each table Gradually the guests were going to fill the enclosure with about 50 people , the piano was a beautiful pianist who begins to interpret the sounds of La Traviata and one waiter sings beautifully. Jorge, the Maitre and director on our table and congratulated us for our anniversary, we talked about the years of happiness together and I’m not hiding my illness, and I will be blown kisses at all times is seen yet us, and most is therefore important qe in our talk, I could see that in our ways had plenty.Dinner with music and opera and zarzuela excerpts follow its course, serve a glass of champagne to all to offer, given that the show is ending and the director raises his glass, saying: Dear friends, today I am pleased to provide and I ask you a couple brind is special, like talking with them have shown me. Mary and Angol are celebrating their 42 years of marriage, “but seven years of dating rifle” All the guests stood up to twenty brindary they came to our table to congratulate them with kisses and handshakes. Here and in our honor again tenors and sopranos to sing “La Traviata” and at the end, three of them coming to us pretty dedicated the song Las Ma anitas, we accompany our voices. Truly wonderful. At one o’clock in the morning, we decided to leave and it was exciting to see the guests stood up spending a round of applause.As you may have seen in these lines, all very poignant on the day of our 42nd anniversary, because the bad times had passed olvidado.Un besoMaria

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