Anniversary In Style Chicago 30s

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Chicago 30's – this time, has become a legend, it is a scam and gangsters, "prohibition" and whiskey on the rocks … The atmosphere is festive event is kept in the style of the era of hands-free: the walls are decorated with posters of scenes from musicals "Chicago," "Cats," and the films "Cabaret," "Some Like It Hot" and others in the hall of the restaurant coming to the celebration of the guests with flower-girl, that attaches to men in petlichki cloves, and dark-skinned boy, slip on ladies on the shoulders of luxurious boa. In anticipation of the beginning of a mini photo studio everyone can try on clothes in those years or, using tantamareskoy to take part in an unforgettable photo shoot, but at the end of the evening to get wonderful stylized pictures with him to the title role. Meanwhile, dressed as waiters in order to provide guests with an aperitif of conspiracy in a coffee cup, explaining that in our time in Chicago, operates dry law! With scene pour unobtrusive jazz music in a live band in gangster suits and singer languishing in an elegant dress. Moves slowly down the hall saxophonist and soulful sounds of his saxophone disperse fragrant cigar smoke, a light veil covering leisurely small talk. Leading the most notorious mobsters welcomes Chicago 30s. He announced that at their disposal today are truly forbidden gangster fun: colorful cigar fighting retreat underground casinos, cabaret shows, incendiary step, cancan, shooting at bottles in a pneumatic dart dash or exciting, a master class in cooking "Soft" drinks in the enchanting barman show, card tricks performed better micromagic and much more. In a specially-equipped recreation room is conveniently located a cigar corner, where you can relax, relax and enjoy the generosity of these cigars. Professional fumile, an expert on cigars to help guests choose the right celebration grade tobacco, as those who do not consider myself an expert in smoking cigars, he pleasure to teach proper handling and demonstrates a rich choice of elite cigars of different brands. In this surprise! See you at the event in Chicago-style 30's! Jubilee in Chicago-style 30's years.

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