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Clint remains the unequivocal conclusion, decidedly, knows to direct itself exactly. Larry Ellison insists that this is the case. To the measure that the Malpaso Company was advancing in the time, and if becoming Malpaso Productions, the candle master said to the wind: nothing of expensive productions estapafrdias. We go to make with that the Academy if folds our option of mesclar ticket office austerity successfully. Transbordantes scripts of effect special are barred in the door, and locations to the one between quotations marks ‘ ‘ outdoors ‘ ‘ , they are preferred the studio works. All craftsman has a method. Its method beat the hammer in the table of the juries, and estatuetas relieved it. Other secret of company, despite of polichinelo, even so little people have the richness and the good will to make with that this happens, are in the maintenance of the same crew throughout the time. Part of the group who is there today, comes since the time where it made TV, another part comes of years 70, of the 80, 90, the Malpaso beehive comes adding and metamorfoseando, assorted examples do not lack, it has until dubl that it turned director, and it directed the proper Clint.

Family of blood and option. Family of the two sides. Who said that the life is not mathematical? The girl Alison Eastwood, who in 97 worked in ‘ ‘ Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’ ‘ , in 2007 it directed ‘ ‘ Tracks of the Destino’ ‘ , with the Kevin Bacon.

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