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This ethanol is called, by its origin, bioethanol. Wharton.Universia.NET adds us also, that the Brazilian automotive manufacturers are also adopting ethanol. According to Anfavea, in 2010 were manufactured in Brazil nearly two million cars flex-fuel and half a million traditional cars. Loans subsidized by the public development Bank (BNDES) and tax benefits act as big incentives. Flex-fuel vehicle manufacturers pay taxes of industrial production of 5 per cent, which rises to 7% for those who manufacture traditional vehicles. According to the Government, the flex engines pay 11% tax while traditional engines pay 13%.

Then there are taxes levied on fuel. In most States, gasoline supports tax rates of about 18 per cent while the ethanol It supports 12%. The Government of Brazil forced in 1993 to oil companies that sell gasoline to mix with a 20-25% of ethanol, depending on the market price of ethanol. Changes are not expected in this law due to the sudden oil bonanza in Brazil. No politician wants to turn things according to the Agency National Petroleum (ANP) in the country, in 2009 the Brazilians consumed 22,800 million liters of ethanol and 19.050 litres of petrol. Between 2000 and 2009 ethanol consumption grew 135%, from 9,700 to 22.800 billion liters, while gasoline grew 8.8%, from 17,500 to 19,050 million litres.

In short quotes us the indicated source, which according to the Energy Minister, Brazil, ethanol consumption is expected to 37,600 millions litres in 2011, 42,300 in 2012 and 2013 47.300. The predictions of export are 3.9 billion litres next year, reaching 4,900 in 2012 and 6,100 in 2013. According to ETH bio-energy, to meet the demands of the country sector you need about 50 billion US dollars in new investments by 2015.

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