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Video marketing increasing in the area of Internet marketing, what earn money on the Internet also increases the possibility of online. New studies come to the conclusion that about half of Internet users consume online videos. For advertisers offers the possibility of increasing sales and brand building. With the proliferation of video portals (portal video counter top 1 upload – 25 video portals. Video uploads cost so far to much time. That’s now! allows it), for example or even on online video film productions have soared Cleptomanicx website in recent years. Meanwhile, there are a lot of placement options for this online manufactured exclusively for the area. Alone YouTube Germany had about 7.9 million users in the year in review in early 2008, this corresponds to a growth rate of 45% compared to the previous year.

This trend has continued also in 2009. Intelligent advertising systems like Google AdWords offer the choice of topic pages and the description demographic settings on the different video portals. This leads to an optimization of target groups hits. It is therefore foreseeable that the spending on video advertising and market share here sharply. Video advertising commercials online, paid to cost-per-click! Imagine, video advertising, pay only when a user clicks on your page, after he has watched the video! Video advertising is an excellent complement and support to the previous campaigns. With the right planning tools, total cost control and developed further response tracking, you shall create optimum conditions for successful management of the campaign.

Video advertising is used in different forms. On the popular video portals the turn before watching the video or at the end of the video to let possibility. This kind of promotional video offers a long look and a high click-through rate. With over 500 million images per month, more and more advertisers use the home page of YouTube Germany to run their ads.

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