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Read contents in traditional screens has a disastrous consequence: the view tires as a response to that need backlighting liquid crystal displays to display content. Such illumination also causes a higher consumption and can not be kept pending for a reader to recharge your new e-book to read very little.The incidence of the light also had to be improved, so I was laying the foundations of electronic ink. How is e-paper Basically, the electronic paper comprises a protective plastic sheet, a polymer mesh and the electrical microtransistores. The basis of its operation are spherical particles that are in the millions and become electrically charged.Applying a small current results to vary its tone and form images that make up the letras.Seg n the quality of that film we can talk about gray levels on a digital paper display. E-Ink technology is most widely known and used. With it generally gets a higher definition image. The basis of its operation are also areas that are going to charge electrically, but in this case the fields are filled with clear liquid inside which are particles of titanium white and black. Under each capsule also find the transmitter, in this case consists of two elements to receive two electrical pulses that can be the same or different signs. From those two get control power move all or half of the particles of each color, thus achieving higher definition and various levels of gray. Advantages of Electronic Ink With the absence of the backlight in electronic ink displays get a direct benefit very important for portable readers: the size. Less than 3 mm is the thickness of paper, which also has less consumo.Las images are also brighter and just depends on the viewing angle. It also may behave quite acceptable under the sunlight. With regard to autonomy, can be very high, the order of 8,000 to 10,000 pages per battery charge, basically because once embodied an image voltage areas not need to keep in your situation. SOURCE Join the digital revolution or you purchased an eBook from AMAZON KINDLE from our website

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