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Any fuel represents a complex mixture of several kinds of hydrocarbons. Each of these types of burns at different temperatures. That is the problem. Ideally, they should, which would all fractions of fuel burned in the same temperature. Then you can easily select the optimal treatment timing in order to achieve complete combustion.

Since in practice we have fuel with a set of distinct factions, the solve this problem, you can only change it on a molecular level. To achieve these results, Power Plus MPG utilizes a process called “catalytic conversion”. The method of catalytic conversion has long been known and partially not fully applied by all companies producing fuel for engines (petrol or diesel) from crude oil. Catalytic conversion – a unique miracle of nature, and though many producers of similar products claim that they use this process fully, only PowerPlusMPG initiates the process of catalytic conversion and displays the results that no other product so far failed to achieve. As a result, several years of intensive research Russian oil company Yukos in Moscow (YUKOS), is a subsidiary of Petroleum Fuel Research, recently provided previously unpublished data on the special fuel additives that modify the performance of fuel for the engines. Scientists at the company YUKOS, it was established that the addition of small amounts of certain organic polymers in the fuel extracted from crude oil (These are all kinds of commercial gasoline and diesel fuel), gives a high positive results during normal operation of the vehicle.

These results include a significant increase in power engine, a decrease in consumption of petrol and a significant decrease in CO and CH. YUKOS has put forward the theory that obtained positive results related to the ability of these additives alter the molecular structure of gasoline and diesel fuel. The most amazing thing that passport fuel characteristics are not changed! Officer of Petroleum Fuel Combustion Engineering Inc. (PFCE Inc.), Actively participated in these studies, company Yukos. Mission PFCE Inc. is that the results of laboratory studies to implement in a real technology. The results of the development of Russian scientists were embodied in the life as a fuel additive Power Plus MPG. Power Plus MPG cleans the fuel tank wall and joints for more than 50% reduces smoke and exhaust fumes. Thus achieving a significant reduction in environmental pollution. Power Plus MPG is non-toxic, non-flammable at room temperature, not soluble in water, does not cause any irritation of the skin and respiratory tract, it is safe and does not cause corrosion. Production of Power Plus MPG is designed for use in all systems where the fuel – a product of processing oil.

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