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If you are one of those people who sometimes feel sad or as having a void, here’s a way to feel good. You need other people, so if there are no other people close to you, what you can do is go out to the street or any public place. We are going to change your way of looking at life with this little Act, which perhaps means that you have to do things that you’re not used to doing, but this is normal: If you’re not accustomed to being happy, you will feel that it is strange at first, until you become familiar with the State. It touches people, he connects. In a question-answer forum Bernard Golden was the first to reply. Once you’ve been saying something and you’ve realized that you said didn’t make sense? It can happen to anyone.

At times, the content of what we say is we lost because we don’t have it really present. It communicates emotions. Speaking of what you hate most and what you most love thinks in small things that you like life. Communicating with people who are interesting and answers the question: why are they interesting? It arouses your curiosity because you can learn a lot and enjoy talking with other people. Focus on everything are not the words. You will discover many things if you pay attention to all the other elements of communication.

Do you remember when you were small? Your curiosity was that even if you feel sad about something, forget it quickly by any distractions. When you were small you learned many things, and you I bet you can’t remember any of them which was nice to learn, how to learn to ride a bicycle. Learn something. You let your curiosity guide you towards those moments of illumination in which truth hits you in the face. Be curious, arouses your curiosity. Get something different or sees things in a new way.

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