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The Water

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Have ready the galena, argentiferous galena made black powder at the almirez; fine powder, which passes through a sieve of fine linen. It grinds the higas of Jet, in visible, brittle pieces. Credit: Clayton Morris-2011. Rain water collected in may you have had already their fair portion of moon; on the mirror which formed on the surface of the glazed Bowl, can, as a test, behold thy face, Haggard by nictalope of afiebradas pupils smile you. Turbid water was decanted, and a thin layer of flexible water silver by the Moon, on the merits of Quicksilver, show your image, tired but clean. Waterproof paper prepares to pick up this thin layer. And very slowly, without fogging the water, remove the whole entire thin blade, without leaving anything, and keep it in a transparent rock crystal vial: is your image, which you can recover in the future, because of insomnia and fatigue by the heavy burden of the days free, sleeping at the bottom of the glass. Then, when your entire image is safe, without moving the surface, so focused impurities remain in the background, with care, allows that the clean and pure part, top, slowly penetrates your small pipette; a few drops of rainwater, distilled, and blessed by the Moon, they will suffice.

But do not touch the water, do not let this pure and transparent liquid can see contaminated by your own glow, even imperfect, impure. You know what you cost debug up to the limit that small pipette that you’ve saved as gold cloth for this occasion. When you are done, wait, resting a little, it is not more a short sleep, then the night will be long and tedious. Prepare yourself and repeat to yourself: dissolves, and coagulates.