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European Union

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The reduction of importation tariffs is had as good speech and other barriers you would not tariff. However, this exactly speech is on this side of the practical one, a time that the governing, in way to ' ' wave of verde' ' , they camouflage measured restrictive through measures of ambient protection. &#039 is perceived, then, that said; ' jeitinho brasileiro' ' she is not characteristic only of the Brazilians, a time that some international governing are using its ' ' jeitinho' ' in the deliberated intention to restrict the access the exportations happened mainly of the developing countries. Protectionism in this in case that it is armed with ambient concern. It is fact that a developing country possesss greater difficulty in assimilating and placing in practical measured of ambient protection stipulated by developed countries. On the other hand, it is important to evaluate the particularitity of each country, of form to consider technological, scientific, economic and financial the structure. Each country possesss standards of distinct consumption and production, what it means the existence of different levels of pollution.

Therefore, the capacity of absorption of the degradation to the environment in accordance with varies the peculiarities of each ecosystem, in way that the impact of these aggressions can result in distinct damages. Each time more, the ambient requirements become frequent and rigorous in determined sectors, making it difficult, thus, the access the markets. A good example, is the European Union, when using about 16,7 a thousand no-tarifrias barriers, amongst which 648 are of ambient nature. Another restrictive measure is subsidizes it agriculturist – an impeditive one to the producing countries of grains – a time that is impossible to compete in a market where developed countries ' ' bancam' ' the production and the lowermost prices vendem its excesses. On the other hand the developing countries that they obtain to place its products in the exterior market suffer with the depreciation from the same ones, importing in increase of production and decline of income.

Many Times Enhance

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Albert Einstein, one of the most eminent scientists and thinkers of modern history once gave this definition of insanity: "Insanity – this is doing the same thing over and over again, but every time I expect a result." Sounds familiar, does not it? How often do we observe recurring patterns of behavior among our friends! We cry out in such cases: "He was always …. or" Well, you as always … "I assure you that we are all doing the same thing! Planning changes in their lives and set new goals, we, nevertheless, continue to demonstrate the same behavioral patterns and perform the same actions as before! We are in the same way analyze information and make decisions, as well react to external factors and, just as before, structuring their time. And then we wonder why we are again not achieved the desired result, and in our life as nothing has changed. And then replace the optimism and hope on miraculous changes come new frustrations that immerse us in a wave of self-incrimination and discourage any desire to make new moves. What sense do something, if in any case, it never works! Perhaps this is had the wrong target! It's not for me! And the vicious circle … until the next new target, which, alas, expect the same fate. Maybe the problem is not in our view, and our inefficient strategies of behavior? As rightly noted Einstein – we're not changing our approach, we continue to try to do new things the same old way, hoping for a new result.