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The significant point has authority picks. It does not have to exist a very light, otherwise the hole will soon break through the unreal. However, not required to be the heavy too, so do not smoritsya when working with it. And because the authority picks optimal in the range of 2-to 4 kg. A eedlina with wood handle is obliged to write 130-170 cm the upper part of the handle is drilled a hole through which to bind successfully in a loop of strong cord. This loop-hole in the piercing is worn on the hand, so you do not accidentally released successfully in the ice. At punching holes cessfully to sink into the ice moderately consistent across the square hole. Blame should be consistent with a mug of rhythmic, not strong blows, rovnenkievertikalnye surviving walls.

If only the same beat according to the center of the future wells that received moisture ispodnizu outright flood top fraction, and afterward it will be hard work and awkward. You need to look at the fact that the cutting picks fraction was always the most acute. If necessary, it should be sharpened by fine block. Dull ice chisel, in the 1-x, bad cuts the ice, and, 2, forms when striking the ice extremely powerful sounds that rasshugivaet fish. Ice pick.

When the ice will achieve a sufficient thickness and strength, ice chisel gives space ice screws. About nsuschestvenno productive picks. To the sample, half-meter ice drills, he is almost a matter of seconds. And thanks to the emerging brace Ice screws the most compact and comfortable to store and transport. At a short sale were held in different ice screws, differed depending on the design of cutting the share of "glass", "spoon," "Ring" "Cup".

Valencian Catalan Autonomous Government

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/The exvicepresidente Victor Fields and exj of cabinet of the Conselleria of Tourism, Rafael Betoret, admit to have committed improper passive bribe. Francisco Camps has announced his resignation like president of the Catalan Autonomous Government. Accepting the accusation, the processings will avoid an open judgment paying the fine; the fixation of the pain will correspond to the president of the court. ' Grtel&#039 operation;: chronology of the investigation by presumed corruption. Two of the four processings in the call cause of the suits of the Grtel plot have declared guilty east Wednesday of a crime of improper passive bribe being satisfied to the highest pain to avoid an open judgment. They are the exvicepresidente of the Valencian Catalan Autonomous Government, Victor Fields, and exj of cabinet of the Conselleria of Tourism, Rafael Betoret. The Court Superior of Justice of the Valencian Comunitat has confirmed that the fixation of the pain for both will correspond to the president of the court of the jury, Juan Climent, who will dictate a sentence in the next days.

Another one of the accused, Francisco Camps, have not appeared the court. Nevertheless, in the evening, he has announced his resignation like president of the Valencian Catalan Autonomous Government. The suspension of the judgment will only take place if all the processings give their conformity with the writing of the accusation. Without declarations Fields h accompanied by the lawyer arrived at soothes of the 08,25 TSJCV to Javier Boix; on the other hand, Betoret, present j of protocol of the Delegation of Valencia, arrived on foot at the Palace of Justice on 10:30 h and next to its lawyer, and rejected to make declarations to the numerous mass media that are crowded to the doors of soothes judicial. The act of this Wednesday supposes the conformation of Fields and Betoret with writings of the accusation and the acceptance of the most serious pain by the crime of improper passive bribe, related to the acceptance of gifts on the part of the ringleaders of the Grtel plot. According to diverse sources of the PP, until now most obstinate to happen through this proceeding it would be Ricardo Coast, that has left on the 11,30 h the autonomic camera – where it has attended a total one on the Mediterranean Runner without making declarations to means. " I do not have anything to say and when it has something to say dir" , it has been limited to declare. Support of the Consell On the other hand, the vice-president of the Valencian Government, Paula Sanchez of Leon, has offered " support inquebrantable" of the autonomic Executive to his president, independent of the decision that it makes related to his processing in the call " cause of trajes". Sanchez of Leon has made these declarations to the journalists in the corridors of Them Corts Valencianes. The vice-president of the Consell and consellera of Presidency has assured that it will be Camps that decides what must do: " When the president has something to say, when there is some news that to give, do not have the smaller doubt of than he will occur and saber&quot will become; , he has affirmed. Source of the news: Two ex- stops positions of the Catalan Autonomous Government declare guilty in ' cause of trajes'


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Mokau city as an investor: the moskauere Government can buy UTAir the newspaper Kommersant informs that it is currently negotiating with 5 potential buyers. Among these buyers are Aeroflot, Sibir, Lufthansa, also the moskauere Government. So with the Utairs help, Moscow can solve the problem of the utilization of the airport Vnukowo. According to experts, the airline UTAir evolves much faster than the market, UTAir has many bank debt, which show the contender for the purchase of the airline. Also, the passenger flights of the company UTAir inflict losses. As it announced the newspaper Kommersant, the owners of the airline UTAir on sale thinking this active for quite some time. Now, the Fluggesellschft to the sufficient extent increased the number of passengers.

We remind you that the scope of travel UTAir 9.3% had grown in 2009. Rose of the market by 33.4%, and the company UTAir to 63.8% in the first quarter. It is now the largest carrier on the inner Russian flight Outen. According to the newspaper Kommersant, holders of airline UTAir helicopter business of the carrier’s keep. It is still uncertain how high the quote for airline UTAir, but the newspaper, which is well informed about the negotiations, called the 10 billion roubles as a realistic amount. More information on the subject of market development in Russia under

Used Car

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Despite the numerous traffic jams, fumes and other truckers 'problems', man is still trying to get the car as a tribute to his own sense of importance, reliability and respectability. Would be money well … if no or little, then to the bank for a loan. It would seem to be easy, but then immediately appear reefs and rocks, maneuvering between them can take quite a few nerves and energy. In light of recent events in the U.S.

associated with bankruptcy of many influential companies, and the fall of the economy, the Russian banks 'tightened' and giving credits to the population began to pass zhostko … And then there is just the restriction on used cars. So when applying for a loan second-hand cars, keep on hand not less than 40% of its market value. Bankers generally do not give out loan of more than 70% of the total amount required for purchase. And the car will not evaluate the contract of sale, and based on market rates.

In addition, you will be required to insure the acquisition and hull is complete and CTP, and put it on record, amounting to about 10% of the price of the car. The fact that insurance rates for beushnye wheels higher than for new ones. Documents – it is generally a separate song is not always a happy ending … If you persevere and persevere you will have to run around to collect your passport, ID, certificate of employment income in the past six months, but just might need a copy of employment record with the original seal of the personnel department. Also, it is possible to need a registration certificate or divorce decree, copies of credit agreements, contracts and provide information on the debt on these loans. In short, can be better to just pick up and save money and buy a normal car or even a used and not to mess with the banks, because everyone is doing their business … hoard money and all will be.

Hair Extensions

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The removal of the frames can also get the natural hair. The second area is extensions. This method is also derived from the halls of American Africa started braiding individual human hair braiding customers hair. Extensions to provide a more natural, flowing look and have become widely accepted as a way to add length, volume and highlights to your hair. Morning glory saw limitations to many extension methods. Many advertising methods for each chapter of hair extensions, when in reality they are linked pieces of hair at a time, causing undue stress on the natural hair and also creating an unnatural appearance.

Other methods use adhesive materials that can damage the natural hair. The third area is the hair system. These systems consist of pieces of hair are sewn or bonded to the scalp. Some can include nets that the natural hair is pulled through to mix with human hair attached to the network. Limitations to these integrated systems are the hair that needs a lot of hair to hide the nets.

As Morning glory worked with each method, realized the limitations, it was decided to reverse engineer the way human hair grows in scalp. It was determined that the most logical way to add hair would be to mimic the way human hair grows, randomly and one at a time. However, it is feasible to have a client sitting in a chair while one human hair is added in a random pattern. This would take too long to complete.

The Lessee

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unknown lessee as a tenant, their economic success does not have the runtime cannot be guaranteed) or funds with known warranty and lease partners, bring the then usually slightly less return. Also the prospected time and involved costs (E.g. marketing) are important. Currency risks are circumstances, and depending where the lessee has its seat. Another remarkable point is the type of aircraft.

Just in terms of marketing (port lease or sale), there is quite a difference whether, for example, a modern Airbus A380 or an old”funded by Boeing 737. The tax treatment of income can vary also, such as income from renting and leasing or as income from business. A similarly conservative sales approach often allows a tax-free receipt of the sale proceeds (minimum holding period of 10 years). Yield potential and advantages and disadvantages of aircraft funds basically allow aircraft Fund yields between 7 and 13 percent. However, it should be Investor – watch instead of only on the return to go cross-eyed – necessarily on the terms of the underlying lease agreement. In addition to credit and risk of the lessee or purchaser in particular that a port lease or not is possible after the scheduled initial term in planned risk. The plane has accordingly lost value and therefore it is questionable whether it can be further leased or sold appropriately. In addition, the General risks of investments in closed-end funds occur.

But there are some advantages to investments in aircraft funds: similar in real estate funds is in a real value invested, which thus represents an inflation-protected and to some extent also insolvency-resistant form of investment. Even if insolvency is a company concerned still the aircraft itself exists. The rental of the aircraft is performed usually with a long-standing binding so that these earnings are also very safe. Support affect the generally good market prospects of air traffic for the next in addition Years: the passenger – and freight traffic is steady growth subject to, which increases the need for appropriate carriers. Bottom line investing in closed-end funds of aircraft is a comparatively safe and promising investment in a steadily rising market. Apart from a few special risks General risks of entrepreneurial investments occur, which are however mitigated by an asset protection compared to other closed Fund investments. Necessarily to be recommended is still any interested parties to inform in detail relevant prior to an engagement. A good opportunity for this purpose for the free and independent Internet platform More info advantages and opportunities of closed-end funds aircraft closed aircraft funds