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According Index

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ATC can have additional indexing through a dash as two digits – 01, 03, 04, etc., to determine the model or modifications as a transitional or any additional equipment. Table 2 Classification of engines on the working volume KlassRabochy volume l1do 0.752svyshe 0.75do 1.23svyshe 1.2do 2.04svyshe 2.0do 4.05 over 4.0do 7.06svyshe 7.0do 10.07svyshe 10.0do 15.08svyshe 15.0 Prior to the digital index put an abbreviation or code name of the manufacturer. The right to assign numeric index provided sue U.S " With the designation of trailers and semi-first position numeric index indicates: trailer – 8, semitrailer – 9, the second – the type of trailer or indicated in accordance with the type of car (3 – flatbed, 5 – dump, 6 – tank, 7 – van 9 – special). Basic models of automobile engines, their components and parts are denoted by the same normal ten-digit numerical index. The first digit of the index determines the class engine depending on the working volume (Table 2).

Subsequent figures indicate the index number of the basic model, engine, parts and components. Currently, each type of car also receives a number of technical According to the most harmonized All-Russian Classification of production (CCP), the 45th class which allows to expand the description of the modifications of the exchange. In some cis countries for this purpose continues to be used All-Union Classifier. Given the global automotive standards adopted in the un European Economic Commission, cargo vehicles are classified into categories (Table 3). Table 3 Classification freight vehicles by category maximum weight *, ATSN1Do 03.05 ** For transportation gruzovN2Svyshe 3.5 to 12.0 ** 12.0 ** N3Svyshe 01Do 0.75Buksiruemye pbx – pritsepy02Svyshe 0,75 to 3.5Buksiruemye pbx – trailers polupritsepy03Ot 3.5 to 10.0 10.0 *** *** 04Bolee * Special equipment installed in special ats is considered as an equivalent load. ** For tractors designed for towing semi-trailers as a permitted maximum weight considering the amount of the mass of the tractor in running condition and the mass corresponding to the maximum static vertical load exerted by the tractor from the trailer through the fifth wheel device, and also, if necessary, the maximum weight of the cargo truck. *** For semi-trailers coupled with a tractor or trailer with the central axis as the maximum permissible weight of considering the mass corresponding maximum static vertical load on the bearing surface of the axle (s), when the semitrailer or trailer with the central axis attached to the tractor and the maximum load.

Image Stabilizer

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Svetochustvitelnost (born film speed): the value of photosensitive material, expressed as a number. In 1974, after the unification of the American standard asa (scale of numbers) and the German din (scale degrees), the international Organization for Standardization adopted the standard iso. Light sensitivity to light, the iso number is denoted. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Gary Kelly on most websites. as, for example, iso 200. The higher the number, the greater sensitivity of the film.

Note: iso denotes International Standards Organization (International Standards Organization). Filter – the colored piece of glass or other transparent material that is worn on the lens to enhance, delete or change this hue, density, total image or selected areas of the scene. Lens aperture – the maximum lens aperture (minimum f-stop). Fast lens transmits more light to the film, the less aperture. Lens with large aperture enables faster shutter speeds in low light environment. Sinhrokontakt – a special connector for an external flash. With this connector can connect custom flash, which is incompatible with the 'hot shoe', set on the camera.

Sinhrokontakt often used to connect an external stationary flash when shooting in studio conditions. Image Stabilizer compensates for hand-shake with photos and movies and get a sharper picture with no jitter. Image stabilizers are of two types: optical and digital. When shooting with a long extracts there is a danger in blurring if the camera is not mounted on a rigid base. To eliminate the effect of blurring (blur) camera makers use several principles: Optical stabilization (IS – a Canon, vr – a Nikon, ois – a Panasonic, os in Sigma) in which the immobility of projected images on the photosensitive material (element) camera provides a movable component of the optical system.

Philippines Democracy

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He is not infrequent that, by its geographic situation, Philippine appears in the international press like scene of natural tragedies. In the last days it has drawn attention by the violence that has untied: as a result of a local political fight forty and six people were massacreed, some of the victims were beheaded and others, buried in a common grave. The Philippines with a population of 90 million inhabitants, have undergone throughout their history invasions, occupations and dictatorships. Between these last most remarkable she was the one of Ferdinando Marks that lasted 21 years. In 1986 it arrived so longed for democracy, that in spite of a series of conflicts, many tensions and threats have managed to maintain themselves. Until the 2010 it will govern that country Gloria Macapagal Stream, of the political party Lakas-Kampi.

Stream elect in the 2001 and was reelected in the 2004. The past year happened through a social crisis and was on the verge of falling by a massive popular protest against the official corruption. But actuamente the political campaign, threatens becoming in a hell. Under the young person and fragile Philippine democracy enormous feudal powers subsist that exert the same to blood and fire, are families connected in the provinces of pas. One of them is the Ampatuan, that dominates the zone of Maguindanao; another one is the Mangudadatu, of a neighboring region. Ampatuan is allied of the President Stream and second of an Islamic guerrilla. The campaign has faced both powerful clans, that do not seem arranged to that their rivalry is solved by the democratic route through the ballot boxes.

The government after happened the slaughter in the south of the island of Mindanao, condemned the massacre, decreed the state of emergency, emergency situation in the province, one of poorest of the country and promised that he will punish to the guilty. But the fact generates great preoccupation, because in the Philippines the armed groups abound and, among others perverse conditions, the violence has the capacity to always degrade a little more. Without doubt, in the case of being winning in the presidential elections of May of the 2010 it waits for one to him difficult task to Benign Aquino, son of assassinated leader and the late President Heart Aquino. Studies present/display it to the opinion like the great favorite that it will have to fight or to coexist to that strange mixture in the Philippine society of feudalism and democracy.

Pedro Campuzano

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He says a popular saying, two minds think better than one, good in regards to the mastermind 12 minds can think better still. The mastermind concept originally comes from Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich published beyond by 1937. The idea is simple but powerful, a mastermind aims to get together with a group of people who share interests and similar ideas, as soon as is reunenen share ideas, use their collectively their brains to help others. One of the problems that occurs with a mastermind group is that they are difficult to find, if you are looking for one to form part of the and you can’t find it, sees a step toward ahead of others and create yourself a mastermind group. Here I leave you a few tips that will guide you in the process of forming your mastermind group: 1.-find the right people.-your you will want to have on your mastermind suitable people, and I am referring to people with your same interests and commitments to personal growth, employment, etc for your niche market. 2.-When, where, and how often-would be good idea commit the members of the group to meet certain day of the week, every fifteen days or at least once a month either via the internet or in person, is decision of the Group of mastermind and according to the needs of the members of the group. 3.-Number of people-is really your decision how much people will integrate the GroupOf mastermind, up to 20 persons, without embarto can form groups from 2 people ten intoaccount that among larger is the group is more difficult to manage and control it, an acceptable amount of members would be maximum 6 people, but as I said before the final decision is yours. 4.-Beam commit themselves-this is essential, if you don’t you can commit the inegrantes of the Group’s mastermind to attend meetings, you’ll soon see that even half of the people will appear.

Obviously anyone forcing anything, if once there is commitment on some of the members, gives the Group low and looks for someone else. 5.-The format to be followed at meetings.-There is really no standard format. Some groups of mastermind ask each Member to take command of the meeting with the aganda to follow every time that meet together. In the agenda may be included for example a relevente theme to your niche market for example establish a marketing strategy. Or it may be the problem of any Member, usually also has a space during the meeting to establish goals for each Member, and must be fulfilled and reviewed by the remaining members at the next meeting. 6 Keep your meetings fresh and dynamic- as in all, mastermind meetings can become a routine over time, keep your meetings fresh and dynamic being creative, if meetings are face-to-face have a meal, subject to change, change of place to meet, or invite a person external to the group to give them a talk, the sky is the limit, only you do not deviate much from the original purpose of the group.


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Franchising – now anyone with desire can find tons of literature on the topic of franchising. This unique system of the company’s development through a clear copy of its scheme and the use of business its brand, technology, production methods, marketing arrangements and other benefits. From the moment when, in 1851, the company entered into with distributors Singer product first written agreement on the transfer of the franchise, its essence has not undergone any significant changes. Today, the company said DeSheli the world on a new system of doing business, the company’s development and promotion of products patented under the trademark TLM. So, try to to understand the essence of the claimed system and what are its advantages over the existing schemes of doing business. All franchises offer little or no fundamental differences.

Companies offer Franchisor the adjusted scheme for creating an administrative structure and control the business under the auspices of the brand. In principle, it is strong and the franchise. It allows you to avoid reinventing the wheel again, and take advantage of existing developments. A person who wants to buy a franchise, while a unique opportunity to start their own business, with virtually having no business experience. In this case, to the fore such quality as the ability to go from a given course.

In the U.S., some of Franchisor to clarify the requirements put forward to potential franchisees that experience even undesirable. Because if a customer franchise – new to the business, he it will be easier to implement a clear framework of standards imposed franchisor. While not all companies involved in franchising, providing training centers, where the franchisee can receive training and learn all the secrets and tricks of doing business, and even fewer companies offering full support and training in the process of cooperation. This attitude to the franchisee is a serious deterrent to the development of franchising in Russia. A distinctive feature of the work with the company DeSheli is that the company’s policy aimed at attracting the most competent and highly qualified partners. To achieve the necessary result of training is not only to franchisees, but also the directors of departments of his future office. In addition to intensive training each franchisee and his entire team must acquire practical management skills now based on the current representation. At the same time throughout the collaboration at any time as they can get additional training and consultation from the main office or from other employees representatives on all issues. Upon completion of training to certify, under which the company estimates the readiness of a new partner. The seriousness of intent in getting trained and well-trained partner says that the company guarantees to return the money paid for the franchise, if learning becomes clear discrepancy between the potential franchisee with the company requirements. Company DeSheli abandoned the practice of charging any additional fees from franchisees. The only payment, provided the company is buying a franchise, which includes the license, the system of doing business and brand. Franchising is a good the fact that even a novice businessman is much easier to start with an already well-known brand, which occupies a niche market. On the other hand – given all the payments, the rate of return here quite long. Therefore, before signing the franchise agreement, you must find out all aspects of training and support from the franchisor. Even better, contact the already running franchise and see what actually it is. Franchising in general, very a viable system and the market offers on it will only grow with each passing year.