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What everyone wants to come back and home after work, man who had a bad day? That's right, relax and relax! Typically, one chooses for itself already known methods of relaxation and uplift your mood. But as the rest, so that within a few minutes to remove stress from every cell in the body? The best assistant in the-water. She and relax, relieve stress and no negatives and would not leave. As always, help can come home shower and bath, a shower .. but do not want to stand and bathroom not swim .. remains a win-win-pool! If you're thinking about your own swimming pool, go serious about this "issue". And more specifically pay attention to waterproofing. Waterproofing is one of the most important types of work that is responsible for your peace of mind and health.

Waterproofing provides normal operation of the facilities, increasing their reliability and durability. Make sure that the work of waterproofing has been done carefully, as it is, it provides water resistance and tightness of the assembly: the walls, tray inserts elements. Overall hydro pool is a mixture of elastic, which is applied to the inner surface of the pool after the alignment of the two layers. The main thing is that the distribution was uniform layer of waterproofing and also eliminate even minimal damage. Understand all this myself, of course, not easy, so is trust in the professionals. Just do not be afraid to ask your questions. There are many various types of waterproofing.

Civil Dictatorship

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E in relation to the population stops with the chosen representatives, increases a reflection here: the people? It does not have our proper voice? Will be the society the entire life depending on people to speak for it? The citizens cannot denounce our proper indignaes? He will be that not it is in the hour to stop to make seen thick e, if to mobilize or the least if to bother displaying such opposition with the corruption? If it is left to make this why? Simply for the disinterest and/or room, or because also the imprisoned tail is had? They are worthy questions of all attention, therefore costuma to pay a high price suffering to terrible consequncias case the depreciation and disdain from the vote continue. Such arguies disclose therefore to the seriousness and the size to be able elective that each citizen possesss as voters who are. The elections are financed by the great companies, having been these compensated in double after the victories of the supported candidates. they, after elect strengthen the corruption I accumulate and it of capital that as much sucks the blood and the sweat of the workers, making of Brazil as the bigger country in me the distribution of income of the world. Thanks to concentration of being able of one elitezinha the people if more becomes each massacreed and absented day of its vital rights. The democracy for its time, if becomes a humbug, a time that if only effective for the elite and the bourgeoisie, since both hold back obtain the great part of the economic power, making this of independent free form and to profit and if to enrich thanks to the investment and application of the highest acquired capital ace costs of the exploration. Already the people, still lives in dictatorship. He leaves yourself the military dictatorship, but if he lives in one another dictatorship: The Civil Dictatorship.

Crisis Survival Recipes Reduces

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The economic crisis that is increasingly manifesting itself in the real economy, has forced domestic companies to think seriously if not to reduce costs, so even a tight control over the major cost items their businesses. The first "attack" took upon itself the investment projects started or conceived, and personnel costs. Cut staff or reduce wages even today become fashionable. In the heat of the battle for saving some companies are starting to "cut" the most visible and reach the reduction of highly paid employees, sometimes forgetting that they were the "goose that lays the golden eggs," even in times of crisis. More far-sighted companies realizing that the crisis comes and goes, but the business is, try as it might save the collective, or at least its skeleton. In this outbreak of the campaign to reduce personnel and investment projects so far remains in the shadows so no small item of expenditure as a purchase. In terms of economic growth was simply not up to it.

Savings on procurement had little to oppose the increase in profit due to business expansion and sales growth. Better earn than economize – this there own truth periods growth. However, changing the time – changing mores. Many managers, in terms of perceived decline in demand and increased competitive pressure on selling prices, looking at the procurement organization at the enterprise, was surprised to discover huge reserves maintain profitability. In comparison with the savings on salaries of staff dismissed for purchase are enterprises thus "elephant", which they did not even notice.

You can compare the interest savings for the dismissal of 2 of 3 top managers in your company and the savings of even 5 percent reduction in the procurement budget. The result you certainly surprise you. And where it goes sometimes, these five percent or more in purchases of many leaders and if they do not know, then surely guess. As a result of simple calculations comes the understanding that in a crisis saving on properly organized procurement is comparable to the size of the company's profit demands, respectively special treatment.