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The New Model Mazda 3

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The new model Mazda 3 with the letters mps – did not become more powerful, but not looking at it is even faster. The new under the hood, as in the past four-cylinder turbocharged engine with 2.3-liter disi, with direct injection. Car body second generation has become easier, and the transfer of a six-speed manual gearbox became "longer" due to this maximum speed increased to 10 miles an hour – now the maximum speed reaches 250 kilometers per hour. Hundred kilometers per hour with zero new Mazda 3 mps is gaining half a second faster – for 6,1 seconds. With all of this average fuel economy – is 9.2 liters per hundred kilometers, and it's half a liter less. The new model Mazda 3 has lost the old grille for cooling, horizontal placement of the intercooler, it was necessary to make a hole in the hood. This slot, dual exhaust pipes and a sufficiently large spoiler on fifth door rear door – here main external difference from the ordinary hatchback. As in the previous model, the new building the most stiff suspension, the transmission – reinforced by half and limited-slip differential, brakes – upgraded dvuhdiafragmenny booster. Interior design of the new Mazda 3 mps is different from the old, deep enough seating, "buckets" and the boost pressure sensor on the dashboard of the car.