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Giving Gifts

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Gifts – a pleasant thing, and no one would argue otherwise. They are equally pleased to give as well as receive. The tradition to present gifts on various occasions, dates back to ancient times. In our time – is integral part of the culture of human relations. After all, you see, gifts to family, friends, just good friends, colleagues, bosses, etc.

enrich our daily lives, so all the stuff essential kindness and warmth. Fortunately, in our lives, there are many occasions on which you can teach a person a particular show. This is a birthday, and weight of traditional festivals, and some pleasant event in the life rights (marriage, birth, new home) … His gift to you show respect, express your gratitude or admiration for this person. It would seem that it may be easier than to choose a gift? But and here there are many nuances that should be considered. And if you select a gift for friends and relatives in most cases not be a problem, then, for example, business gift requires a very careful approach. Here, there is its etiquette, the basics that you should remember as the multiplication table, so as not to be trapped. After all, to choose and present business gifts – this is art.

Etiquette business gifts is very strict. And to master them – Your job as a modern human culture. And where to buy gifts? Fortunately, times have sunk into oblivion, when to get something beautiful and appropriate was the greatest challenge. Today, the issue – no longer a problem.

Trade Management

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The project was required to unite in a system based on the '1 C: Enterprise 8 '7 operation, retail and back office. The objectives of the project specialists 'BIT' together with the customer identified: obtaining more productive system, ready to scale with the expansion of chain stores and allows to solve the problems in the future automation of budgeting; reduction cost to broadcast data and analysis of data from different databases, accounting for several entities in one database; connection to a single information system of commercial equipment in the stores and warehouse; reducing costs in the area of sales accounting fees; reducing the cost of maintaining the regulated accounting. To achieve the objectives in the back office has been selected product '1 C: Operations Management Enterprise 8 ', because it allows you to create a common information space for all business units and has the necessary functionality for the further implementation of the budgeting system. For automation of retail outlets were chosen solution '1 C: Trade Management 8 '. In addition, the company 'ICE' was supplied the necessary Equipment: bar code scanners and label printers for retail stores.

All work is completed within 3 months, the system covered 37 jobs in seven stores. Have been automated following areas: Managing procurement; Inventory; Wholesale sales; Retail sales; Commission trade; Inter-company sales of; Regulated Accounting. Running an information system was implemented simultaneously in the central office and in the shops. All the shops are run remotely, previously there had installed the software and commercial equipment.