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Dictionary Core Technology

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We have all heard of Web 2.0, but I am sure that occasionally find words that do not understand. The place of nod and pretend we know what we are talking about (while pointing mentally look at Google) we have prepared a list of terms from A to Z that can help us. There are some obvious that we have excluded because we are sure that you do not want to waste time with words such as PC or Playstation right?

OpenDrive, Your Virtual Drive on the Internet

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Each day begins to take on more importance to gain access to certain files from anywhere through the Internet. The idea is to forget the pendrives or any other type of physical unit and power house somewhere virtual whatever we want and be able to share it if they want, with our friends, clients or whoever ultimately.

OpenDrive come to help us with this task. OpenDrive has been presented as a virtual drive in which we can access our computer power and hence save whatever we want, with a limit of 1GB, and have access to it when we want and where we want, and also able to obtain the direct link to files to send to whom we want and you can download.

In addition, another of the main ideas of OpenDrive is to gain access to our files housed on the Internet and edit in real time without having to download it. All over the Internet. The interface OpenDrive is practically non-existent since manage all through the file browser, which makes it very easy to use for anyone.

We may also create an account to various persons and hence save all files of the group, which will have access and we can modify them all without major problems. To access our files from one computer or device that is not where we installed the client OpenDrive simply must go to a website that they give us and identify with our data.

For now OpenDrive is in beta open, so anyone can register and get a free account with 1GB storage although it remains to be seen as developed in the future and if any profit in the premium version that we can have more storage space , 1GB because personally I do not think enough for some uses.

If you want to see how it works OpenDrive you can see this tutorial:

In Genbeta we have already talked about dropbox a service almost identical but it offers 2GB of storage, although dropbox is still in private beta and is necessary to obtain an invitation to use it.

OpenDrive works only with Windows XP and Vista but on the web say they soon will be available for Mac.

Calderon Calls for “more Market and More State” to Confront the Global Crisis

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Reuters – Cancun (Mexico), June 23 (EFE) The president of Mexico, Felipe Calderón, said today that the current food crisis and energy can only deal with a policy combining in a balanced manner tightening the market and greater State intervention.
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Apple Opens the Door to Developers for the IPhone

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We have heard from several potential developers for iPhone that their applications for the program SDK Apple have finally been accepted, which means you can now pay their certificate of 99 dollars to allow delivery of their applications to iPhones real. This comes after recent reports that there is a waiting list for 6 months that could be quickly reduced after the launch of the App Store.

Nokia Buys Symbian: is War!

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Nokia announced on Tuesday its plan to acquire Symbian, which develops an operating system for mobile phones. The Finnish phone giant now owns about 48 percent and pay 264 million euros for the rest.

Jimmy Dean Sausage

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Jimmy Dean Sausage is just what your family needs for a hearty and delicious southern breakfast. Keep them going all day long with our original links, combining the taste of our seasoning blend with natural, fresh pork.

Enjoy a batch of Jimmy Dean Sausage Links each morning at your breakfast table. The warm meal will stick to your ribs and get your family going in the morning!

ICANN Accepts a Proposal to Admit Any Suffix in Internet Addresses

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At a meeting in Paris, the Internet Corporate for Assigned Names and Numbers, a non-profit organization that oversees the appointment of websites accepted a proposition to allow companies to buy new domain names ending with almost any suffix decide. So for example, instead of being restricted by endings such as. Com or. Org, eBay might have a site ending in. Ebay or New York City could end its website. Nyc.