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Citymar 200.
In contrast, in the Finnish market local telephone networks were established to 1980 and none of them purchased their equipment from domestic suppliers. The effect of these policies can be measured in the availability of technology in telecommunications for the AT&T society. According to World Bank data, Finland is the country with the highest Internet penetration in the European Union, to 1116.78 users with access to the global network for every 10,000 population (the average prevailing in the European Union is only 295.48 users -July 1999), while there are 554 telephone lines per 1,000 population (compared with 428.71 lines in Europe average about) Alicante, and there are 349.2 personal computers per 1,000 people (in the European Union average is 237.4 computers).
In the seventies, the Finnish authorities in telecommunications, had passed a law similar to the homebase in Sweden, to establish mobile telephony in the car, which would be connected to the network running. In the following months, the other Nordic countries have developed similar initiatives, particularly in recognizing that the telecommunications systems of each of these countries was not connected with those of others. There was no roaming, as it is known today, and then come to the conclusion that it would be necessary to develop a network with common standards like. So, in 1981 the national service AT&T cell phones use 450 Mhz and that was the first in the world to establish the cellular telephone among various countries, and that was very successful. In the course of that decade, other European countries and the rest of the world followed the footsteps of the Nordic countries, while Nokia was already supplying mobile phones with other standards to Germany, France, Italy and the UK.
In 1982, Nokia Group produced the first cellular mobile telephone system, called the Senator. The demand for this product grew and it was necessary to create switches, transmission equipment and base stations to ensure their operations. The specifications of the new standards were publicized and tendered in an opening to international competition.
In 1984 he was introduced to the market Mobira cell phones, which was the first transportable phone. He had a remarkable demand in the Nordic markets and it took Nokia to take new clients, including Americans and British. The need to have telephones for easier handling and transportation, adrift in technological innovations that were very obvious in the size and weight of them. Thus, for example, while the Senator introduced to the market in 1982 weighed 9.8 kilograms, the Mobira Talkman weighed less than 5 kilograms, that is, in a period of two years will reduce the weight of the achievement phone in half.
In 1987, Nokia introduced a new model, the AT&T Citymar which weighed 800 grams with battery. Ten years later, when he was introduced to international markets, the Nokia 3110, that weighed just 146 grams with battery and everything.
The costs of cellular phones also have declined. The Mobira Citymar cell phones had a price in 1987 of 24,000 Finnish marks (about 3 726 dollars). Despite the high cost, demand was so high that customers literally away the product to vendors.

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