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To realistically predict such processes regarding their course and thus predict the process design characteristics required to achieve the desired product properties reproducible, it is the central goal, to capture the temperature-dependent inelastic material behaviour of metals and plastics in his Phenomenology, as well as to develop appropriate modelling approaches and to validate experimentally. These are in particular parameterized data to characterize the warm forming behaviour of central importance. For this reason an investment for the determination of the process-adapted hot forming behaviour has been specially the caused thermo mechanical stress conditions required during the forming process at test temperatures of up to 1200 C and corresponding process speeds. The universal testing machine was INSP 100kN of Halverson & Peschke company requirements GmbH including high-temperature furnace and appropriate testing tools best meet.” About the measurement and testing technology specialist based in Nossen, Dresden develops Halverson & Peschke measuring and testing technology GmbH, manufactures and distributes high-quality machines, components and software solutions since 1990 to the materials, components and component testing. These include such as universal testing machines, hardness testers, component – and furniture benches and various length measuring devices for industry and research. The 50 employees of the company with sales offices in all Germany offer various services around the subject test and measurement, as well as the retrofitting of universal testing machines. In engineering and software development, Halverson & Peschke maintains close cooperation with universities and Fraunhofer institutes, which ensure the high level of the products as well as their technical relevance.

Halverson & Peschke was certified according to ISO 9001 and operates its own DKD calibration laboratory..

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