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URS Corporation is one of the largest engineering design firms worldwide in engineering and a major federal government pendapatan contractors in the United investment States. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA URS is a full service company maylasia and a global organization with offices in America, duit internet Europe and Asia Pacific.
The URS is structured johor into three operating divisions:
The URS Division provides management, design and johor bahru construction programs and services for all types of transport and water usahawan infrastructure, as well as complex health care, tourism schools, courthouses and other public buildings. . . The URS Division hotel also shopping provides engineering and environmental services to Fortune financial 500 companies worldwide. Through our URS Division, we also design aircraft hangars and other military facilities, remediate a situation in areas of toxic discharges at military installations and provide a full perniagaan range buat duit of strategy services for programs langkawi Base Realignment and Closure, the English, celcom Base berhad Realignment and sarawak Closure (BRAC).
The EGandG Division primarily serves federal government customers, including the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security. This division provides systems engineering and technical perak assistance for the development of weapons systems, also maintains and repairs vehicles and other military equipment sambilan to extend its service life. EGandG also provided logistical support jalan and facilities management services, jutawan training exercises with selangor military pilots and conducts homeland security in marketing communities across the United States.
The Washington Division provides engineering, construction services international and management solutions for infrastructure, sales power transmission, mining, oil and gas, industrial processes melaka and defense directory projects. The Washington Division is company expert in building designs and operational services to keep kuala construction design corporate for transportation systems and provide engineering, construction, maintenance uptrend and kuching specialized management refraction for all forms of force energy in installation. Through our Division, also maintain a high risk from the technical point of view complex sabah programs kereta and facilities for the Department of Energy, including nuclear waste management and disposal programs.

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