The Rain

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Parcels two and four had had a loss of alone well lower if compared with the parcels one and three. The lesser loss of ground in these parcels was possible to analyze that the vegetation was the factor that diminished the erosive process all. In these areas it was possible to perceive difference of ground, therefore had a lesser loss of ground in parcel two that in parcel four. This loss if characterized for the difference of the density of the ground, as soon as the density of parcel two was of 0,70 g/ml while of parcel four g/ml was of 0,83. Therefore, it is observed that the vegetal covering is the natural protection of a land against the aceleramento of the erosion.

In parcels two and four, it protected against the impact likes of them rain (effect splash), contributing for a bigger infiltration and retention of the water in the ground, as well as diminishing the speed it diffuse superficial draining of the water of rain, thus providing, the sedimentation. Parcels five and six had not been evidenced no loss of ground, therefore these areas if differentiated of the others for its vegetation, that was of the type kills closed, with trees of average transport. This type of vegetation makes with that it accumulates in the ground much organic substance. The organic substance in decomposition protects the ground against the carry of sediments for the operating ones of the erosive processes. The impact of the drop of the rain that disaggregates the ground (effect splash) does not happen directly in the ground. First, the drops of rain beat in leves, in the twigs and in other parts of the trees, thus, diminishing the speed of this rain drop until the ground, where that, when falls in the ground, the organic substance does not leave to happen (effect splash). The density of the ground of this place consists for both the parcels (five and six), the same value, that is of 0,81 g/ml.

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