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In the school, the professor must be intent the questions directed toward the behavior of the dehiscent one in room, since the same she can be being affected for desestruturas of affective matrix, as much nominates social how much in the familiar one. In the course of the development, on connections the affectivity go if extending, and the figure of the educator sprouts with intense esteem in the relation education and learning, however it will depend on the performance of the same, and one I tie that it is established between both (ANTUNES, 2006, p.49). The new studies always focus the quality of the contents and the form with that they are presented is of ability of the professional who conducts the classroom, but the professors continue valuing more the methods pedagogical of what the interaction in classroom between it and pupil, as practical educational. The possibilities and limits to change a relationship between professor-pupil, exactly being the professors educated and formed through a system of authoritarian and repressor education. (Source: Oracle). Therefore, the relationship that the professor develops in classroom for the process of education learning and as much importance and a subject with infindveis questionings between studious researchers and (FERNANDZ, 2001, p.48). The interaction concept, acquired in the formation of the professor and/or its professional experiences, beyond practical of interaction between professor and the pupil (authoritarianism and the false critical speech), the paper of the interaction in the pertaining to school culture and construction of the active citizenship through the interactions. When we argue on the influences of the process of escolarizao of the professor in practical its in classroom, developing in the professor a critical sense between the speeches and possibility of the methods and the practical one, thus rethink, the interactions in classroom (SODR, 2006, p.55). Quarrel The interaction in classroom is one of the aspects that count for the good development of the phenomenon ' ' aprendizagem' '.

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