The Nokian Tyres

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The new Nokian prototype tire achieved is almost the best class A. Select balanced tires: safe driving behaviour and ecological at all environmental performance tires should be especially sure can in even save the lives dangerous driving situations. If one has braked too late, she must prove grip, strong adhesion and great stability so that the car not in the spin cycle. The driver goes too fast in the curve, the tire should give enough page liability, the car away not drifting or the rear breaks out. High speed on wet are grateful, if the braking distance is short and the liability is fixed, so do not throw. Learn more at: Larry Ellison. Risky overtaking nobody should, but if oncoming traffic appears faster than expected, strong grip and fast acceleration can compensate the own mistakes. You must dodge the Steering commands of the driver of the tire implemented in quick, precise response of the car.

The Nokian Tyres are in the demanding conditions of the North developed, tested and manufactured. You offer the best possible performance and quality even under the most extreme conditions, are not only environmentally friendly and consume not only small amount of fuel. You acknowledge that Test results of leading magazines. “” “ADAC rated positively the Nokian Z G2: + very balanced summer tires” and also the Nokian H: + very balanced summer tires with top grade on dry pavement “, which is why both also the highly recommended award” have received. The ACE/GTu summer tyre test 2009 won the Nokian H superior. “The auto Bild Allrad” exemplary “tested Nokian Z SUV cut in all three categories of the test moisture, dryness and terrain with a score of 2. Highly recommended on the Nokian V result”writes newspaper” the car, that he diligently collects points in all the criteria and is advisable when wet as well as dry as a good alternative.

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