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The curriculum vitae should by no means re flect his modesty, but their ability and preparation. Companies are always interested in making contact with people who through their personal efforts have produced only non- previous earnings ers used, but also have developed new ideas, either in cerniente with products or work procedures or techniques. To prepare a curriculum vitae is not necessary to spend money, just typed that, in concise form, and has a picture of him. 10-When you decide to resort to private placement agencies, do not pay a penny until they have rendered him a specific service. Like any other institution, one is in agencies such unscrupulous persons who try to take pro Vecho of their situation. It is not put aside this kind of funding sources but be careful.

11-No decline any opportunity without first finding out as much as possible about it. This is advice that can come in handy, particularly du rant the early days of job search. Many of the tra low rejection to the top may be considered the opportunities Jores me when the days turn into weeks and then months and the "dream job" does not appear anywhere. 12-Prepare for each job interview as if the occupation had always wanted. Many people do not prepare properly for this type of in interviewer. What is foremost advice is: Find out everything you can about the firm that will interview. If possible, talk to people who work there.

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