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Bulgarian Trucks: Equipment For Russian Warehouses

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Bulgarian truck – the most popular type of equipment in this class in Russia. They delivered more than fifty years, and from the outset focused specifically on our own, then still Soviet, the consumer. Bulgarian Trucks made in one of the largest plants of this type, nosivshem name "Balkancar. This company was initially established as one of the leaders in the industry. The committee entered the modern research Institute, a few plants to produce individual units, assembly halls and other auxiliary units. Bulgarian trucks were produced in large quantities, and the main consumer of the Soviet Union was that, in fact, built this company.

However, the scale of production were such that the Bulgarian truck and shipped to Western Europe. Bulgarian forklifts have become an important element in the development of imaging technology warehouse equipment. The first trucks were developed in the U.S. in only 20 of the last century, but truly mass production in Western countries began only in the postwar period, but then was built and Balkancar. Bulgarian truck differed from equipment manufactured in other countries that have been developed specifically for the conditions of our country. They operate at high temperature drops, easy to use and accessible. However, modern Bulgarian trucks are manufactured not by the giant, and a number of smaller businesses.

The fact that after the collapse of the Soviet Union's enormous power "Balkancar" were unclaimed so it will reduce the volume of output, and then divided into several independent companies. Despite this, the Bulgarian trucks continue to be issued and delivered to Russia. They are more accessible price category than the Western European and Japanese equipment, they can easily find the necessary parts, but for years their use has accumulated great experience that avoids many difficulties in operation and maintenance. Bulgarian forklifts operate successfully on most domestic enterprises, where there is a need for warehouse equipment.

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