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Russian Empire

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Simply state, designed to protect our interests with you, do not care enough about its citizens, it is all of us accustomed to thinking of all of us "dumb cattle. Yes, there are law enforcement agencies, courts, army, huge bureaucratic superstructure, designed to work for us, protecting each other and from the invasion of "our partners". Lacks the main thing – the protection of any citizen of our society from the tyranny that reigns in our country. In the modern world "slavery" to become voluntary-involuntary. Man sells his labor, and often their freedom, for small money, and after the enraged to discover that he no money, no freedom.

The current situation in the country is not only dangerous, it copies one of the ugliest features of the Russian Empire – the bureaucratic arbitrariness. Gone so far that now, this phenomenon is called – chaos. The peculiarity of Russia's history lie in the fact that the government encourages employers to no respect for the rights of its citizens. These phenomena have always existed in one form or another, throughout the world. In Russia, loudly proclaiming the power of the "bright future, the past 90 years, took an even more ugly and comical traits against outright lawlessness. I believe that the task of any modern state is that it does, the state must, first of all be free market sales of individual and collective human services and goods. For all sales transactions of goods and services, the state must be the guarantor of legality and, strictly, to monitor compliance which shamelessly exploited the man and his work, shown in the property, it is meaningless maimed people's lives, people are dying and their talents.

Contemporary Chinese Smiths

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In modern China, as in many other countries (for sure), there are people who dedicated his life to one cause. Learn more at: delta airlines. And the devoted – to say the least! As religious zealots they work from dawn to dusk. These people – the smiths. And they just forge swords by traditional technologies. Private masterpieces can cost as much as medium-statistical apartment, for example, in one of the micro-districts of Beijing. These are the interesting details.

Now, when the whole (Almost all) the world "sick" Japan, its language, culture and traditions, a neighbor of our motherland – China – a relationship, to put it mildly, not serious. For the modern Russians, China, is – well, if the Great Wall of China ", but basically – the abode of cheap consumer goods with the communist tradition. It so happened that became for all of civilized society exporter 'number one', China has increasingly consolidates its reputation as a modern, huge factories, able to produce almost everything. But the historical tradition, the story itself goes for the rest of the world to the rear position. Inside the same China, the situation turns out the opposite – an abundance of serials and tv shows scientific, historical and other nature. Recently, stories about the iron-maker. And not just artists, but real professionals working exclusively on the traditional method. The essence of which simple – charcoal, spring water and the iron-containing sand.

All this is mixed by skilled hands and the output you get collector's item, not just a beautiful and elegant, but not without qualities inherent in the cold arms. If the Japanese tradition of making knives is impressive huge selection of tools and techniques, then, with respect to China, here the choice is much more! For many people might be unexpected, but in the early formation blacksmithing in the country of the Rising Sun in ancient times almost without stopping conducted trade with China, and one of the exports were swords made in China. It took a long time to master the techniques of forging blades and plant them in new soil. And if now the secrets of the old masters of Japan for the most part lost, that in China they are still alive.

Russian News Online

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Many Russian news Web site, as well as Internet media, aims to, first reported about a particular incident that happened in Russia or in the world, but in almost all cases you need to check facts or do cross-check with other sources. This process can significantly delay the publication of a news item. In this struggle for leadership, many media outlets often lose their own prestige and publish inaccurate, unverified news as well from time to time, and quite wrong. New technologies make it possible to spread the news quickly, particularly in comparison with classic media information of the 20 th century, television and radio. In these two variants, for publishing news, the need for studio and text to read the speaker, and the wait time of broadcast news. ion. In the 21 century, all this unnecessary, since with a single keystroke occurs publication through the website, mobile phone, email, blog, or tweeter. These innovations will inevitably lead to a clash of two factors – the speed and quality.

That is why print media are often regarded with a sneer to news sites on the Internet. In every newspaper has an editor that looks at all the news, which had been received from various sources, making amendments and additions, and more corrects errors. Besides all this, he still checks the veracity of the news. On the Internet, user gets the post. He goes to other news sites or search engines Russia and checks whether the information is reasoned. Large Russian news websites, work accurately and consistently. They have a clear plan for each individual case. There is usually a team that fussing about the reliability of the information.

They examine all information received from a source, but unlike the print media and the media, they act quickly and in a couple of minutes, take or reject material for publication in the feed of the latest news. Online publications are not eligible for the blunder. If incorrect information was published in error, it is scanned, just like any other and appear immediately in the search engines such as Google or Yandex, as well as various Russian and Ukrainian news agencies, which scans the site 24 hours a day. Also, users who have opted to receive e-mail or feed rss, see this news at once. The later removal of this information from the source will not affect any other sites that have already managed to publish false news on the web. The obvious conclusion to editors of news sites in Russia, Ukraine or any other country, before the press on press 'Send', it is very important to understand that in most cases there will be no way back, and you have to take responsibility for what has been written on their news site.

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