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The Banking Crisis

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There are alternatives to deposit money safely. Well a month ago, many, also senior bankers thought that the worst was now over. Pandey. Only in September was the peak of the US financial crisis. This big bang arrived in Germany with full force as well. As a result, Many investors are unsure of themselves. So far the big run on financial institutions remains in Germany. For this reason, because the Federal Government has confirmed that money in accounts are safe.

But what happens to the pension scheme and the investment in transferable securities? Predictions are difficult, because no one can say whether we have reached the low point of the banking crisis and still holds the predicament as long. So the question arises: how are investors to play it safe? Certainly is discouraged by a hasty action, but it is also true: many investors need to check their financial strategy. One way to bring existing assets in a safe haven, is to invest in real estate. Who’s on a solid investment sets, will not come in the future of real estate”, white Ralf Robert Hundt (surveyor for real estate valuation) of the real estate management Hundt, Gelsenkirchen-Buer. Investors who purchased yet not even used property, should take this into account.

It is the only form of capital investment, where they largely self determine the value, without having to rely on a bank management.” Property owners have a great advantage: are men, about their investment. They themselves determine what steps they take, to secure or increase the intrinsic value of the object. This makes them independent of the financial market. The value of a property but in many cases also depends the location, but houses that are in shot, suffer in crisis situations hardly value loss. This applies to owner-occupied property, as well as for the pure investment. Who would like to acquire a property for retirement provision, should afford previously a good advice, the above all on the Impairment of objects focuses. Only value stable objects as suitable investments. The living quality and facilities, such as, for example, a modern heating system are the decisive factor here. As the demands on the living room change due to the increasing age of the population, a special importance in particular accessibility. Barrier-free homes boast spacious bathrooms, elevators and doorways without humps and enable also older residents to move freely. The value of real estate depends also from the living environment, good transport links, shopping or schools nearby. In addition, the situation of course is an important criterion. If you are not convinced, visit Cyrus. Real estate, which are too large distance to capitals or major cities, are more likely to avoid losing increasingly to appeal due to higher fuel prices.

Financial Crisis

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Investors currently dominate turbulence to secure investment opportunities on the stock exchanges worldwide. Therefore, many investors are looking for safe investment opportunities. Top real estate are. But not only potential landlord come on this idea, but also self users. Rental for investors include mainly yield factors and lasting value as a benchmark of decision when buying a property. Therefore the rental potential of the property, the location and the facilities of the building are important. These factors are given, so good yields can be generate.

The risk of a landlord in the loss, against this he can insure themselves but with a special police. Also a certain danger persists that the tenant leaves the apartment in a not lettable condition, in the worst case destroyed even the establishment. But usually these are isolated cases. Most tenants pursue their financial obligations on time, so financial failures rarely occur. As well as the Rental of apartments or houses is risky in itself, that every landlord should be aware. Basically, the rental of real estate is a solid and also promising form of investment even with population decline.

The reason: Increasing the consumption of living space per person. 22 square meters per person available, were in 1965 as the value rose until 2009 to around 47 SQM, as an Empirica study pointed out. This development should continue according to the study, so that the living space consumption increases by a further 14 percent by 2030. To compensate for this usage, annually 300,000 housing units should be built – including building losses – so 50 percent more than currently. Therefore, it is expected that the living room is running out not only in the cities but also in many large – and medium-sized cities. For landlords, this means that demand for housing will be at least stable, but also rise in many regions.


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Again trouble between tenants and landlords due to the correct distribution of costs following distribution keys are possible: – living – and space – number of people – rental or residential units – consumption and causing acquisition – co-ownership in the lease should be regulated, are distributed according to what scale the operating costs to the tenant. With the exception of the costs for heating and hot water, are distributed according to the provisions of the regulation of heating costs, the landlord may freely agree to the allocation key for the operating costs with its tenants. Caution is advised in the formulation. Because: The selected key is unintelligible, leads to the ineffectiveness of the operating expenses. If a condo is rented out, not on the basis of basic tax bill issued for the apartment property tax can be, if the distribution is determined after living in the rental agreement (BGH WuM 2004, 403). In this case should be expressly agreed that the property tax for basic tax bill will be killed. Unless you have no distribution key agreed in the lease, must be brought to living space.

This is legally prescribed for stimulated apartments. A different distribution key has been applied already, so it remains generally. The agreed or have chosen key can be changed easily. This is only if a corresponding agreement was reached with the tenants. Should the costs for water, sewer or garbage is to be billed after consumption, the landlord may convert the distribution key on consumption-related expenses. Consumption acquisition devices are available, the cost – must be distributed at least in part – to read consumption values. In water costs this obligation but only, if all homes with water meters are equipped. They are missing in an apartment, may be be added to after living space.

You have to be specified in the settlement the distribution key for the entire property and the tenant exercise. Be more Distribution key used to designate all allocation keys and, if necessary, to explain. The landlord is obliged to present on the basis of the total cost of ownership for the property and to clarify which distribution keys for individual positions, he used and calculated as the proportion for the tenants. By Thomas Trepnau previously appeared: expect your tenant – operating costs, the second rent, the secret of the damp wall – reduction in rent, more money with rent increases, asset protection and wealth accumulation, with real – estate buy a House and get more out, what hut and plaice are worth real estate review -? Company description the author Thomas Trepnau offers Academy for landlord, property managers, owners, brokers, real estate financier and other real estate companies individually customized corporate training courses as well as operators such as the Chambers of Commerce and industry – based seminars and the German real – estate. Also books appear regularly in the Publishing House of the company to the Seminar topics. By combining books, trainings, courses and seminars, Thomas Trepnau offers its customers optimal solutions at reasonable prices and guarantees to high quality in terms of timeliness and practicality. The training courses and workshops are carried out throughout Europe. Company contact: Thomas Trepnau PO box 101028 93010 Regensburg Tel: 0157 72085852 E-Mail: Web:

Convenient Location

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Opportunities for the construction financing of the dream of homeownership must not fail in the financing. If you’re planning ahead, can benefit from the developments in the market. About 41 percent of Germans assess the current situation for a mortgages as cheap. The real estate portal informs about possibilities. The theme of construction financing worries many potential homeowners first, finally takes the repayment of loans often years or decades. That flexibility in the profession today plays an important role, not often make matters worse. Although the European Central Bank has raised interest rates, builders can get the currently favourable conditions, for example with a so-called annuity loans. This form of construction financing is based on the principle of the regular payment of constant amounts to the Bank.

As an alternative to the ten year period also lock-in periods from 15 or 20 years are annuity loans. In this case, homeowners should However grant a right of termination, for example, after ten years, leave. This has the advantage that it could respond to market changes and cheap switch. Another means of financing of construction is the contractor where money is deposited during the accumulation phase. In the wake of the distribution of home savings customers receives the total amount including interest. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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