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Dictionary Translator

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Pick up a dictionary and try to convert at least a couple of paragraphs of a text. You'll find that even with the dictionary very difficult to get a positive result. Learning to translate – it's not a matter of one month or even year, and learn to translate – it is generally a difficult task, which takes years of study, practice and self-improvement. A good translator will never cease to learn. In order to better understand and value the work of an interpreter, try to imagine what you do not have the language and ears. Without language and ears you could not do any speak or hear. Dahua Tim Wang is often quoted on this topic. It is in this position is a foreigner, when you get in a foreign country. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Sheryl Sandberg. Around him he hears a foreign language, and, going beyond the airport, he can no longer find any signs and no a pointer to a familiar language.

For a man who does not understand and could not tell the translator – is a language and ears, the only means of communication with others. A foreigner speaks through the mouth of an interpreter, and also because of interpreter can hear what they say to him. Without an interpreter foreigner can not communicate normally, like we could not have happened if we stripped the language and ears. Moreover, the essence of the work of the translator is not only in professional translation of the text or speech. For a foreigner translator is a source of new knowledge. Experience shows that if a foreigner there are any questions, they will be addressed in the first translator turn.

Essence Packages

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So you have come to the point where it is worth considering the future of the essence of a present and its future owner of the line. Decide, unusual, funny or extremely useful things you most interest. Of course, defining the argument in this case – the nature of the object of giving, his tastes and preferences. Making a final decision, remember that your main goal – is the effect of fairy tales has become a reality, rather not the maximum value of the gift. Any of us have pleasant fact that the loved one is not gone round his attention. Gift elected. What's next? Pack it in a box or bag with trees and a bow? This option is possible, but there's no miracle! Good reception with packing – small in size to wrap a gift in a lot of packages or boxes, nested in such a way as to obtain a huge package.

Deploy any opaque packaging is always interesting. I would like to open the gift as soon as possible to quench the thirst of their curiosity. Imagine how much more interest to your surprise will increase if the gift packages for gift will be about a dozen? By the way, after all, and you can hide a great gift in a small box. An example is simple – you bring the car in the hands as a gift, but the keys from him, packed the techniques described above – easily! Thus, gift purchased in advance, wrapped and securely hidden from the eyes of the future owner.

Gabbana Perfume

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Everything that comes fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, has a superior quality and style, combining sexuality with mild negligence. It is so subtle and professionally created that all products are extremely sophisticated. Dolce Gabbana Perfume enjoys with the public the same popularity as accessories, jewelry, clothing and footwear. Dolce Gabbana Perfume often bought stars that are known to often be quite capricious. This is not the best recommendation for Dolce Gabbana perfume? The company originated in 1985 by two Italians, Stefano Gabbana (Stefano Gabbana) and Domenico Dolce (Domenico Dolce). The founders of the brand Dolce and Gabbana Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce met in 1982 during a joint work in a studio in Milan. They are not strikingly similar to each other, but together have created the most successful creative tandem. Domenico Dolce was born in Sicily, his father had a small studio, where Domenico from his early years helping his father and was very impressed with the process of creating clothing.

Domenico prefer black, silent, he does not like the high life. Stefano Gabbana – is the opposite of Domenico Dolce. He was born in Milan, he looks a typical Italian hunk loves to talk and noisy parties, he always had a passion for fashion, but never imagined that she would become his profession. The first joint collection of Dolce Gabbana came out in 1985 in Milan, she called Real Woman. It Stefano and Domenico tried to create an image of a modern woman, sexy and feminine, this was a kind of protest against boring fashion of those years. In 1989, Dolce and Gabbana presented a collection of swimwear and underwear. Next in 1990 delighted admirers of the new Dolce Gabbana men's collection.

And officially brand Dolce & Gabbana was registered in 1994. Today, Dolce and Gabbana – is one of the most popular brands, the company has more than 100 of its boutiques around the world. Since that time, in the range of houses Dolce Gabbana jeans are, various accessories and stylish glasses. Dolce & Gabbana has successfully cooperated with many celebrities, including Madonna, Demi Moore, Nicole Kidman and Isabella Rossellini. Pervye perfume dolce gabbana, called Dolce & Gabbana Parfum appeared in 1992, he immediately became very popular among the clients home. So in 1996, was released a stylish new fragrance for men Dolce & Gabbana pour Home. The team, composed of real experts of the business, under the leadership of these talented designers has created many new fragrance Dolce & Gabbana, who became the embodiment of passion and elegance. All Dolce Gabbana fragrances imbued with the spirit of modernity and evoke Culture Sredezemnomorya images, captured in the finest nuances of sensations, involving the owner of Dolce Gabbana Eau de Toilette and circling his head. All perfumes dolce & gabbana fashion unusual and different solutions and are for young and modern people, closely tracking for fashion trends. Customers Dolce and Gabbana – these are people who live an intense life, love be like seeing everything in the clothing and perfume way of expression. Dolce Gabbana buy – this is not just be the owner of a fashion brand, it has its own separate universe, a symbol of our century and the desire for a beautiful life, luxury and glamor.

Develop VAP Project

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What you should know about the development of VAP should be noted that the development of standards for maximum allowable emissions need to use certain materials. However, not everyone knows what it's material. That's why we decided to tell you more about this. First of all, I would like to point out the fact that the basic material in this case, oddly enough, is a brief overview of the production activities of or other entity, structure, and the state. All these activities contribute to the notion that environmental protection was not only the hearing.

However, this is not the only material that needs drafting standards for maximum allowable emissions. Among them, also deserve special attention requisites, a certificate of its registration, the information on the consumption of raw materials for the year situational maps, passport pylegazoochistnogo equipment, lease, certificate of ownership to a particular building or structure, a description of the technical process, as well as a list that will show all technological equipment. In addition, during the work associated with project development aet, which includes environmental protection, should pay special attention to the certificate on the balance sheet vehicles, the scheme of conditioning and ventilation systems, as well as the qualification certificate, which would guarantee us that the environment is responsible for the necessary environmental education. Also in the case the presence of the previous project for maximum allowable emissions would need to be provided. After drafting the maximum allowable emissions will be completed, must be carried out in coordination of the project relevant state institutions and organs. Only then will the owner of the company at hand will be given the necessary authorization for release of pollutants. But the process of coordination of the project can not be called absolutely simple. He also has its difficulties. The main one is that for the harmonization package you also need certain documents. Among them are mandatory application enterprise directly the project specifications, and completed forms permits.

Production Studio Theater

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WEDDING original, not the standard, youth, European or traditional. Original, non-standard, youth, European or traditional. We can help make this day unforgettable for an outstanding event! from 3000grn. CHILDREN'S HOLIDAY A bright, colorful, do not forget a holiday! Program narrative, theater, puppetry, interactive. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Verizon Communications. from 300UAH. FIELD CORPORATE May Day May Day in the fresh air – march – throw in a stuffy room at the office clean air forest glades or simply the office of the court !!!!!!!! ANNIVERSARIES of 5000grn most incredible adventure to your birthday! Not forgotten the anniversary party! from 3000grn Animation Theater Premiere a team of professionals.

Animation Theater 'Premier' is the holding company communications 'Public Management'. Premiere implementing projects through its own offices and partner agencies holding: event marketing agency '100litsa '; Advertising agency 'DMC'; Consulting Company "Agency of Corporate Solutions'; Production Studio 'SOVA'; graphic design studio 'GRAPHOS'; VIP (gifts and business gifts) of our 10 reasons to Theatre there is more than 4 years, which gave opportunity to gain extensive experience in the service sector. abetes Association. Theater prepared and conducted the event for several hundred clients. We offer a full range – an event 'turnkey', and individual services. Office Agency located in the center – you will always find a way for us.

Own technical and design departments: sound and lighting equipment, photo and video capture, video editing, art and scenic ofrmlenie, floral; decoration, decoration with balloons. Flexible pricing policy. Discounts for regular customers. Legal support activities, contracts, providing all necessary documentation, receipt of cash and cashless payment. We practice and 'holiday on credit. " Existence of its own scenario and directing projects. Work only with trusted and reliable contractors. A large and diverse base of artists, musicians, presenters, Artists of original genre.

GPS Radio

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Today, it is difficult to see the car without the usual pieces that make life easier for the owner of a car, for example: radio, alarm, etc. Another thing that is really worthwhile to choose a model is difficult, not to mention buyer, which does not understand anything in this. The range of such systems in our time is quite large, often "lost" in a whole range, and store employees try to sell you only the most expensive model, enumerating all its advantages. In this small article I would like to talk about tips on choosing a recorder, and alarm systems (for example: kw xc407). For starters, you should decide to what exactly you need from the system, because there are develop luxury with different twists, which in principle not be useful and ever, and there are cheaper models are often not inferior to the main options are prestigious, but do not have these modern "stuff." There are already everyone chooses for themselves individually.

On radio: necessary to pay close attention to the front part – everything has to be user friendly and convenient for the driver, there are models with a large screen that can display menu, or play any videos, working power in the recent 30-40 watts, the selection should take the model with 4-band amplifier, as well as support mp3 and regular CD. In recent years often kd g847ee recommended by their function. After selecting the radio to think about buying a good sound system, without which by and large, and radio itself is not needed. How to buy a car alarm? The question that bothers any driver, and for good reason – the recent burglary and theft of belongings from cars increased. Initially, you need to plan their class and price of the car: let the old Muscovite has no reason to install the system for a thousand dollars. For low-budget domestic auto manufacturing and supported by foreign cars will fit the system with central locking of doors, trunk. In addition, you can put a blocker on mechanical steering wheel or pedals.

For solid Car is recommended to install a more serious development, protect the great mechanical systems (eg gearboxes blocker). Professionals recommend to put GPS-module. In fact, the abundance of such developments rather huge, but should be guided by the principles of deliberation and feasibility. In our time, very popular car alarm starline b9.

Working With People

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… People working with people, I realize how spoiled they are. Accustomed or willing to obtain free of charge whatever they want, wherever and whenever they show their lack of manners. Remember how you came to the shop buy something. The very first thing you see – is wrinkled, discontented face salesperson. You ask for advise you as You do not often take a particular commodity, and in return receive a rude or monotonous no meaningful speech. Of course, it's not nice … you will understand either, or turn around and go to another store.

But let's look at it another way. You're like me, the administrator of the Internet – the studio. Visitor comes to you and asking prices – you're the hundredth time he recounts the day the price of the services, but not the point. He listened, agreed, sort of understand, but when it comes time to pay – a visitor at a loss! As so I worked on the Internet in just 15 minutes and must pay 30 rubles? Why? Of course, he does not remember that I told him that the minimum that a visitor has to pay is 30 rubles! Should I explain why? Should I tell him that for the sake of existence, the organization must pay taxes, rent, salaries, etc. And, for that matter anything, it makes no use our services – this is a private, independent decision of the visitor. But I was distracted … what happens? Stormy showdown begins.

The result? There are two options: the visitor pays for the service, only after the scandal, or turns around and leaves … Leaving the used traffic unpaid. Although, what matters to him that he was not the only one, that there are many. Why would an organization must pay (give) the visitors their whims? They agree to our terms and then express (if you can call it that) his displeasure. I work twelve hours a day, five days a week, do you think if a visitor comes in the morning – in what mood I will work and whether I wish to kindly serve the next person? But it's my job, and I shall smile to your face! Believe me, during those 12 hours, these fellows will be at least another three! I like my job, I like my bosses, I like my standing visitors with whom I almost you, and they were very kind to me. I like to manage and develop new skills in this area and I want to do it! Only people, rude and crude, spoil the beauty of this work! You wonder why you are not welcome in shops and other establishments, because there is no courtesy and understanding among people! Many people are trying all means to show their importance, which, in principle, no cares! I do not want to be kinder to call, I can only say one thing – as long as people learn to respect each other, to live better not be! And I do not have any feeling but contempt! I used to love people, but now faces the essence of many of them … .. Maybe there is something to think about ….

Giving Gifts

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Gifts – a pleasant thing, and no one would argue otherwise. They are equally pleased to give as well as receive. The tradition to present gifts on various occasions, dates back to ancient times. In our time – is integral part of the culture of human relations. After all, you see, gifts to family, friends, just good friends, colleagues, bosses, etc.

enrich our daily lives, so all the stuff essential kindness and warmth. Fortunately, in our lives, there are many occasions on which you can teach a person a particular show. This is a birthday, and weight of traditional festivals, and some pleasant event in the life rights (marriage, birth, new home) … His gift to you show respect, express your gratitude or admiration for this person. It would seem that it may be easier than to choose a gift? But and here there are many nuances that should be considered. And if you select a gift for friends and relatives in most cases not be a problem, then, for example, business gift requires a very careful approach. Here, there is its etiquette, the basics that you should remember as the multiplication table, so as not to be trapped. After all, to choose and present business gifts – this is art.

Etiquette business gifts is very strict. And to master them – Your job as a modern human culture. And where to buy gifts? Fortunately, times have sunk into oblivion, when to get something beautiful and appropriate was the greatest challenge. Today, the issue – no longer a problem.