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Seamless Coverage

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During the construction of any plant, factory, warehouse, service center is always a serious question arises what to do floors. Currently, the floors can be made from different materials. Floors are manufactured, tankers, concrete. All of these floors rank high on reliability and longevity, all those engaged in construction companies, according to device-quality, long lasting, durable, and safe sex. Construction companies offer a comprehensive approach to modern building technologies, the company also offers a wide range of services related to the reconstruction of facilities, industrial and residential use. The main activity of construction companies is the production of industrial floors, self-leveling floors and concrete floors. Invaluable experience in building companies, will satisfy all the needs of its customers by laying floors, building companies manufacture flooring any difficulty, and on the client’s request. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Bill O’Grady. Industrial floors – are a tight seamless coverage, well attached to the seat, industrial floors can be used in virtually all indoor garage, basement – warehouses, manufacturing facilities, auto malls, supermarkets, shops.

Industrial floors are used primarily in conditions of high loads in industrial plants, quality industrial floors, the floors are composed of synthetic polymers, industrial floors, meet the standards of high proof, to date, are enjoying increasing popularity. Industrial floors, so as prices are relatively low, and the need among construction companies is high and constantly increasing. High-quality industrial floors – is an important component, since the life of the sexes is durable, establishment of industrial floor should engage professionals, eventually they will not only win, but also pay back its costs.

Palace Wood

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In contrast to the array it does not crack, no cracking in the winter, does not form cracks. Assembly manufactured at the factory floorboard running faster and easier than fitting, sanding and sanding and finishing parquet. Quality floorboard of the world's best manufacturers you can see on the site Of course, the cheapness of parquet in fact conditional. Of course, price desynchronization at first glance, is palpable: oak parquet grade "Natur" will cost $ 30 per 1 m2, the same amount of wood flooring – $ 45. However, for laying parquet need the plywood, glue, primer, varnish or oil. Also have to perform a complete cycle of parquet works: fitting, sanding and polishing, varnishing. Given these costs twice as expensive hardwood floor. For laying parquet boards will require only the substrate and assembly and the job cheaper.

Differently produced palace and art parquet. The cut end of the dice is chosen so that they can be put in a geometric pattern or build the modules (panels), square-shaped 1 / 1 m / a 1,5 / 1,5 m. The possibilities for decoration are wide – the floor with marquetry (inlaid wood) valuable and exotic wood, metal or decorative stone. Can usually dies lay the floor in a different direction: the game tones will create a picture. As flooring, decorative parquet in the form of modules ready for installation and requires no elaboration.

The difference of the palace and art parquet consists of a pattern. The Palace – top art intarsia. To create a plant or abstract motifs used by different species of valuable timber, because the shape and silhouette is smooth, as if written with a brush.

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