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Civil Dictatorship

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E in relation to the population stops with the chosen representatives, increases a reflection here: the people? It does not have our proper voice? Will be the society the entire life depending on people to speak for it? The citizens cannot denounce our proper indignaes? He will be that not it is in the hour to stop to make seen thick e, if to mobilize or the least if to bother displaying such opposition with the corruption? If it is left to make this why? Simply for the disinterest and/or room, or because also the imprisoned tail is had? They are worthy questions of all attention, therefore costuma to pay a high price suffering to terrible consequncias case the depreciation and disdain from the vote continue. Such arguies disclose therefore to the seriousness and the size to be able elective that each citizen possesss as voters who are. The elections are financed by the great companies, having been these compensated in double after the victories of the supported candidates. they, after elect strengthen the corruption I accumulate and it of capital that as much sucks the blood and the sweat of the workers, making of Brazil as the bigger country in me the distribution of income of the world. Thanks to concentration of being able of one elitezinha the people if more becomes each massacreed and absented day of its vital rights. The democracy for its time, if becomes a humbug, a time that if only effective for the elite and the bourgeoisie, since both hold back obtain the great part of the economic power, making this of independent free form and to profit and if to enrich thanks to the investment and application of the highest acquired capital ace costs of the exploration. Already the people, still lives in dictatorship. He leaves yourself the military dictatorship, but if he lives in one another dictatorship: The Civil Dictatorship.

Trashing And Desaparelhamento Of Municipal Guarda

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Trashing and desaparelhamento of Municipal Civil Guarda: ' ' We are of olho' ' Friends and friends municipal guards, As well as almost the totality of the cash of our Corporation, I was taken by extreme indignation and sadness when taking knowledge of that Regional Inspectorship 1 is losing the building-headquarters, which he will be remodelled and he delivers to the Military Policy of Pernambuco. The building in question is about special property of cultural historical interest for the city, consonant the Complementary Law n 002/2008, of 11 of January of 2008, that it instituted the managing plan of the city of the Jaboato of the Guararapes. This municipal law makes mention to the immovable, sito sobredito to the Street Amaro Saint n14, Jaboato-Center, as being Building of Municipal Guarda. Ahead of this, some consideraes are imposed that we start to expender in the brief lines, to follow: Arguindo to the light of logical principles, we can affirm that, being the property in question intitled in ordinances as Building of Municipal Guarda, the least in thesis, this could only (and it would have) be busy for the proper MUNICIPAL GUARD, never for another agency is municipal, state or federal it. Before being it delivers to the PMPE, the property in aluso will pass for ample reform. He is curious to notice that the alluded reform was not or was not necessary before? while the building sheltered the professionals of the GCMJG? but, however, to serve of headquarters the professionals of the PMPE, such reform the effect will be taken. The property in aluso, in face of its quality of special property of historical and cultural interest for the city, could not remain in better hands in case that it were kept as subsede of the GCMJG, therefore that ' ' nobody takes care of better of the house that proper dono' '.

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