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The domain name is your identity on the Internet without the domain name will not be recognised as an online business. Why is very important to have a right for your business domain name. When you register your domain name with registrars of Internet, the name will be reserved for you until you pay for it. This means that nobody else can use the name, so it is necessary to have a unique name for your web site that has not been registered before. When a domain name is registered, the next thing to do is to get a good hosting and domain. If you have your site hosted on a good web hosting company, your website will be online at everyone and everyone can have access to your site.

Some people register domain names, even before you create the site, the provider retains the name so that nobody can register it. So if you are thinking about starting the site in the future, it is best to register the domain name so you don’t have to go through difficulties to find the names on your site when you need them. Some people do not understand that the web host and domain registration are not the same. They are two different things, and each web site must have both before entering online. The two services must cover costs every year. The Web hosting is something that supports to its web site, making it available to customers and viewers. In both cases, they will never be free services, but do try to obtain services economically.

Free services, which are not always good, can not provide the service you expect. You must always register a domain name with accredited providers and any web hosting company to hire your site. There are some services free web hosting that are good but have too much idle time. This will cause that your site is not available for spectators, when they search your site, or will take an eternity in viewing your site. People can not wait too long to wait for your site to load in the browser, so it will skip to the following site and you will lose visitors. So be sure to have everything ready before placing your site online, if you need to make adjustments, perform them before, so when you are online, it is perfect in all its angles.