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Gredos Garrido Sahara

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These studies strengthen the participation of Algeria, brother of the SADR, in meetings, having already scheduled a new presentation of ARTifariti in Algiers for the next spring. CREATING SPACES OF COMMUNICATION AND EXCHANGE For its part, the Peruvian Rosamar Corcuera, author of a ceramic sculpture tribute to the Saharawi women, and Argentina's Claudia Martinez, whose proposal was an embroidered track map of Western Sahara, developed in collaboration with their creations Saharawi women's groups, potters of Laayoune and Smara group, respectively. An important phase of its operations was to generate opportunities for exchange of information and experience on the tough tour tour of the Saharawi people from the Moroccan occupation for over 30 years both artists highlighting the richness of these encounters. The workshop screenprints Gil Alonso, who has dressed for all participants with demands for a Free Sahara, the Sahrawi silhouettes everyday attitudes after a desired return to Anna Olias, installing raindrops miracle-ceramic, in this case, in a talja, the tree of the desert, Benitez Angeles, The Shadow of Gnomon, a hand complaint the plundering of Western Sahara's natural resources by the Moroccan occupying, created by William Roiz, the hopeful and colorful paradise that has made Tifariti Maria Ortega, the sea has returned to Canary Meseguer Nuria Saharawi Sahrawi the revealing letters Written by The Fine Art of Tifariti Host-Madrid-Tifariti … have left their mark on the territory freed by the Polisario Front with the intention of promoting freedom of his people and press for compliance with international law. Representatives of Agro Land Art movement, Antonio Garcia Ruano and Nazareth, Agripino and Protasi, participated in several actions in parallel with the nomads in the area and installed, including the planting of several trees from Parque del Alamillo in Seville. This planting is part an act of twinning the park Seville-closely linked to solidarity with Western Sahara, with the Saharan town of Tifariti released, which also left two taljas bound for the city of Seville. The Chief Military Region II, Mahmud Ahmed Brahim, host of the meetings, recalled, especially for Spanish artists to echo this complaint, that Castilian be the second official language of the SADR, not supported Instituto Cervantes, unlike Morocco where there are several delegations from the organism.

Precisely the language of Cervantes was used by the photographer Almeria Javier Navarrete, to edit an issue of its newspaper, dated November 25, 2031. This publication of the future, announcing on its front page the election of a woman as president of the SADR in an election held in the Western Sahara released, was warmly welcomed by the inhabitants of Tifariti, sedentary and nomadic, including those made available. In conclusion, Sahrawi asked the foreign artists that do not forgotten and that their cause disseminated throughout the world, have signed a commitment that all before returning home. The caravan of artists landed this weekend's Barajas airport, from where it departed on 22 November after having spent 15 days creating their works on site in Tifariti (Western Sahara) and then, living several days with Sahrawi families in the wilaya of Auserd (Saharawi refugee camps in Tindouf, Algeria). They arrived tired, exhausted, but none have avoided extra weight: the responsibility to convey the experience. All interventions have been documented by the photographer Pepe Caparros Alicia sculptor Martin, who this time made an audiovisual presentation on ARTifariti 2008 and Rosa and Carlos de Gredos Garrido, responsible for editing the catalog. Emiliano Martin, Miguel Villa and Jorge Fernandez recorded audiovisual material for dissemination to the media.