Table Guitar

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Sound card (or an external synthesizer) to give the command (note) on the midi channel, converts it into sound waves (either synthesizing or using audio sample stored in rom (Wave Table) / RAM). Since the MIDI-file does not contain sound waves, the size of it does not quite large (typically 100Kb) and share the sound of this format is very simple. However, precisely because it does not sound forms of the same track on different hardware sounds differently. A variety of MIDI-editors big set, so any advice I I will, it all depends on the degree of professionalism and strength of your habits. The most commonly used are Cakewalk, Midi Studio and Cubase.

(sequence) – virtually the same as the score. The collection of commands, the basic meaning of which is about what kind of sound (instrument) at what time and what the duration should be played. Notes inscribed in a stave – a sequence / MIDI-file – sequent / mod, S3M or IT-files – also contain a sequent / Pattern's Drum Machin'ah – again, the sequent. Cempl (Sample) – sample sound. Let's say your friend is pulling a string on the guitar, and you recorded it in WAV-file. This will be your sample guitar. In the future you will form a sequent, which uses the sample and thus you'll have a melody, containing the guitar. A friend of yours will long sigh yeah ooh and clap astonished eyes! 😉 Bank (bank) – the file that stores a specific set of tools for MIDI-device.

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