South Africa IRC

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One of the young racing competitions is 'Intercontinental Rally Challenge'. Now the race called the Rally irc. Another of the names 'Intercontinental Rally Challenge' – not the most famous name, but in this formulation they are called in the early stages in 2006. 8 manufacturers competing in the IRC: Volkswagen, Subaru, Skoda, Honda, Fiat, Abarth, Peugeot and Proton slightly less well-known and Ralliart. During the first place at any stage races are awarded the first three pilots and the best mechanic. Now this – especially the main competitor of the most successful racing competition around the world – wrc.

Base unique vehicles 'IRC' are the Super 2000. Do not be surprised if you see cars of the irc, which consist in a group N – the number of these racing machines is limited. By the close-knit family 'IRC' very soon plans to join not long ago who left Formula One Toyota. This championship rally had been coined as a set of drivers for the wrc. Came to this competition and in Russia, as one of the eleven stages.

irc began operations with only four stages. Pilots from South Africa went to Belgium after visiting Portugal, and then finished the competition in Italy. In the first race won Giandomenico Basso, a native of Italy. To know more about this subject visit Infinity Real Estate. He piloted the car class Super 2000 Fiat Grande Punto. irc for the first time the race was held in March 2006. It has taken Kenya. Later, the championship course has become the world, especially after he came to Asia. I called the 'IRC' because certainly there is much more move, it is not yet rated first championship, but increases the risk that it will happen in the near future is absolutely excluded. Subsequent racing season totaled nine stages and is significantly improved status of the Rally 'IRC'. It has already managed to experience a copyright holder Rally wrc David Richards. He openly opposed the championship of the alternative 'IRC'. But his words remain only in history, and rally 'IRC' will no doubt be continue to attract even greater interest and improve.

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