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you put it – a hobby for some, this successful and lucrative, but just not for me. My movement vetom direction began when I was 12 or 13 years, that is 10 years-11nazad. It all began with the fact that I became interested in rap – we patsanamisozdali group, and at that time would be great and known. How vsegdabyvaet, this has not happened, and I started just for yourself, for your udovolstviyaosvaivat music programs. Qlife: What if I may ask? Krash: Well, at that time one of the major programs were Hip-Hop, Fl studio, in my 2.0 and small plug-ins, which were supplemented say ketim programs. Well and, accordingly, Pentium 2 or even the first, I was just where Solitaire was something hard to play, not what to write music))) Qlife: Was it difficult to master program? But what about the live instruments? Krash: You know, I've never played on live instruments, because I do not bylosluha and voice) I'm even a "grasshopper" on the guitar can not play, but the guitar is easy naelektronnoy) Qlife: Do you want to say that writing things that I have heard you – you can music? Krash: Yes, you're right. If you tried, you'd also got Qlife: I tried to be honest. Nothing happened Krash: So bad tried) Qlife: Okay.

We return to subject. You have not answered why you're writing music for free. Vchem catch? Krash: Actually there is a catch, but I will not say which one.

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