Smoke-free In Bavaria

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Tips and information about nicotine withdrawal on healthy Bavaria has decided: the 4.Juli voted 61% of Bavaria via a referendum for a rigorous ban on smoking. It can no longer smoke from August 1 without exception in public spaces. This corner pubs, beer tents, as well as restaurants and nightclubs with separate smoking rooms, which have been excluded from the existing smoking control are particularly affected. According to studies by the European Commission, it is expected that a decline in the number of smokers will be followed by the smoking ban. For all those who decide now to say goodbye the Ciggy, forever the health portal provides detailed background information about nicotine addiction and offered the first assistance to the cessation.

Because the psychological dependence make it harder for many smokers to quit or relapse can, argue experts for an effective non-smoking training”to change harmful Behaviors and lifestyle, which has proved very effective in groups. Can support such non-smokers training”nicotine substitution (nicotine patch, gum, etc.) and non-nicotine medications (especially for heavy smokers) to deal better with the physical aspects of addiction to. -Anti nicotine drugs are serious drugs, which directly affect the dopamine receptors and thus reduce the craving for a cigarette, they may never be used without first consulting of a physician. After two to three months of weaning the number of nicotine receptors has normalised usually again and at least the physical nicotine dependence has an end. For all those who want to support the nicotine withdrawal in a natural way, it is advisable with endurance sports to begin and to change the diet. It is scientifically proven that after eating meat the cigarette tastes particularly good, however, after a meal The Ciggy rather disgust produces fruit, vegetables or dairy products.

Should the desire come one after smoking, it helps to suck often a Eucalypt candy and much prefers to drink a glass of milk. Of course to reduce also the withdrawal symptoms is advised to eat tomatoes, eggplant, cauliflower and potatoes, because these foods have low levels of nicotine and thus receive a slight nicotine levels in the blood, which allows the smoker to counteract the physical nicotine dependence. More info: active and healthy living/rauchentwoehnung.html forum / about us: healthy is the only exclusive health portal which is tailored to the needs of the Bavarian. In this context we have made it our mission, to provide a comprehensive insight into the issue of health and pharmacy exclusively all Bavaria. As a result you find here a unique and comprehensive collection of information. The topics range from the representation of classical Treatment options about the notion of alternative healing methods up to the list of traditional home remedies.

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