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Readjusted the annual gross revenue limit of the small business companies with gross revenue annual superior R$ 433,755, 14 (four hundred and thirty and three a thousand, seven hundred and fifty and five Reals and fourteen cents) and equal or inferior R$ 2.133.222, 00 (two million, one hundred and thirty and three a thousand, two hundred and twenty and two Reals). 1.3 How much to the number of Used the SEBRAE it uses as criterion of classification of the transport of the companies, the criterion of the IBGE that is made in accordance with the number of employees. In the industry the classification is made in the following way: Microcompany: with up to 19 employees Small: of 20 99 used the Average one: the 100 499 employees Great: more than 500 used No longer sector of commerce and services: Microcompany: up to 9 employees Small: of 10 49 used the Average one: of 50 the 99 employees Great: more than 100 2Tipos employees of Innovation the innovation can be applied in different sectors of a company, only one or all of one alone time. What it will bring transformation for the organizations of including way is what it will determine the positive result of this transformation that will disclose to its acceptability for the market and the increasing notoriety of its demand. According to Brazilian Service of Support to the Micron and Small Companies? SEBRAE (2009, P. 10-15), exist five possibilities of if making innovation of the company inside, depending on the activity sector.

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