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The nursery NewGarden introduces the gloss medlar is not free as one of the most beautiful plants at all. You varies her color dress several times in the year, white bloom in May and June as the highlight of the entire stock of plants. The glossy, dark green basic structure of gloss medlar is interrupted by intense red young shoots, which are spread over the entire plant. Even their names are as varied as their color dress, so diverse. “The gloss medlar is also under its Latin name photinia Fraseri” or Robin Red also its English counterpart “known. Their hardiness include their main properties up to 22 degrees Celsius and their Evergreen flourished. In addition, the gloss medlar has a wide, upright and compact habit. According to the customers of the nursery NewGarden, the gloss medlar will especially often used as an alternative of to artificial Sichtschutzen.

Thus the customers felt protected optimally from prying eyes, but without having the feeling. to sit behind an artificial wall. To plant the gloss medlar, the gardener nursery NewGarden recommend buying bail outside the flowering in the spring and autumn. Generally, the gloss medlar belongs to the moderately fast growing hedge plants. Their growth depends on their location and the care which it is. In the prevention of waterlogging is the annual growth between 20 and 40 cm. Because good pruning is the gloss medlar, them once a year easy a to short enough. As the optimal time nursery NewGarden calls end of June, so after the beautiful bloom of this attractive hedge plant. Thus the gloss medlar will hold back in many domestic gardens thanks to their outstanding properties this year.

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