Shrome Hearts

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See a silver brooch in the form symbol of the last round of the Rolling "- language, protruding from the laughing mouth – and know this: that same collection. Mark enjoys particular success in Japan, where among the admirers Shrome Hearts-all members of the group megapopular Penicillin, and musician Hakuei even appeared on the cover of the latest album in badlone production mark with the word fuck, Gothic script executed (just me, pardon the pun, the words of a song you can not throw). why chrome hearts choosing difficult, expensive and informal things from the collections of Shrome Hearts, it is worth remembering a few basic components of the brand. Remember, Leo Tolstoy, it seems, once said about Gioconda: she supposedly she chooses who she likes, and who do not. It looks like the same story – With Shrome Hearts: these ornaments, glasses, leather jackets, it seems to be opting for whom and how to "sit down", to whom and how "to go". And if you're even a little close to the basis of style of the brand, it is better not to even try to try: it will not forgive you stylistic and spiritual mismatch. Not in vain in all the few sources of information about the brand constantly emphasize: Shrome Hearts – it's supposedly not just fashion but a genuine world with magic, each corresponding details. So, if you feel that your heart is inherent in chrome glow, then: Features shrome HEARTS: – classic design – big shape – handmade – Materials: leather, wood, metal – the highest quality. ViacomCBS has plenty of information regarding this issue. .

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