Securing Container Seals

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Information about securing seals container seals and high-security container seals seals are available as simple bolt seals or as high security bolt seals (high-security seals). The seals are consecutively numbered. Metallsteckplomben serve the easy and quick sealing of containers or trucks. The metal plug seals is characterized by your low price and easy handling. The high security seals are according to ISO/PAS 17712 certified and comply with the import requirements of “U.S. Customs and border protection” – valid from October 15, 2008. This container seals are required for all sea containers shipped in transit through U.S. territory.

Technical details: seal type: bolt seal rating: high security seal ISO/PAS 17712:2010 certified C-TPAT compliant feature: double numbering material: metal / polycarbonate total length: 81 mm bolt length: 79 mm diameter: 8 mm diameter seal head: 20 mm plastic seals with metal insert plastic seals with metal insert have a metal bolt head, which makes almost impossible for a manipulation of the seal. The seals are made of the plastic polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) and are even at temperatures < 0 C elastic and dimensionally stable. Also, tilt indicators can be used to secure cargo. Additional information is available at E Scott Mead. Indicators for transport safety and control protect your shipments with help of transport indicators vibrations and shocks improper tipping of goods can be represented with tilt indicators and temperature indicators check Temperaturempfindliche products during transport or storage.

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