Savior Cathedral

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Collapse of the Theory of Evolution, as well as the film "The Shroud" ("Today") – about the interesting facts compiled by researchers of the Turin Shroud. From the production studio "Canon" noted documentary film "spiritual man", "The Holy Blessed Xenia", "Canon of the ailing" and the trilogy "Christ the Savior Cathedral. Poorer just presented the orthodox videos for children. You can only talk about two projects. One of them over the years realizes "Artos" – this interview Fr Artemia Vladimirova with children and for children, entitled "Visiting priest" and the cycle is "a fairy tale before bedtime.

In each of the tapes included seven conversations – the number of days a week – with the expectation that the young spectators searched before bedtime for one "tale". The second project belongs to the "kin" – a short-painted scenes from the series of programs "Flower spiritual" dedicated to the story about icons, Lives of the Saints. Children of school age and at all deprived of the attention of the Orthodox directors – To this audience in the church benches nothing. Vendors say interest in young people to documentary video tape on sects (magazine "Russian House" and the movie A. Dvorkin, "Beware of the sect"), and the cycle of "Spiritual conversations" Artemia Vladimirova, which introduces viewers to the device of the temple, explains the meaning and profound symbolism of its parts, says the need for participation in the Sacraments. Several church benches drew our attention to popularity among students lectures Deacon Andrei Kuraev, professor and AI Osipov. .

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