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Now on the market there is a sufficient number of proposals for the provision of and training in sales. So how do you make the right choice? According to a poll of 2000 people found that for people is a valuable when selecting and clearing sales training, as well as what they dislike. And, guided by these data, we have chosen for the training of sales certain criteria. They are listed below. You can see whether you agree with them. 1. People like the simplicity of presentation, and do not like it when he speaks in such a way that not everything is clear, using a lot of arcane words. 2.

Listeners appreciate when given lots of real examples from practice. Since this allows you to compare your experiences with others and look at sales from the party. And they do not like the banal and formulaic examples taken from the Internet and books that have little relevance to real life. 3. Like when training takes place in one breath and in the end do not feel tired, not when there bored and sleepy. 4. As a plus note that sales training is conducted in a lively manner. People do not like it when he monotone lecture.

5. Valuable when the coach himself has tried something that teaches. Not professionally, as it is expressed by the participants themselves, when a coach just learned to coach and has to practice a little attitude. 6. Like when trainer is able to parse the outright question asked the participants. Not credible coach who 'floats', vague answers or evasion. 7. Well, when the data received on sales training, you can easily to practice and get the planned result, because it so happens that it is not clear how to apply what was taught, or the material seems complicated to use. When you choose where to book sales training, in any company you always say that the above criteria they are always present. So how can we be sure it really so? Here are some questions you can ask a training company: Is the company to provide 10 or more contacts of directors who have booked sales training for their staff and were satisfied with service delivery? Can the company provide a demonstration hour seminar or demo video sales training, in order for you to know what are going to pay? Is the company return the money, if you are not satisfied with the quality of service? Our specialist you can always ask any question and you are not obliged to buy a service from us. And then – you decide

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