Russian Empire

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Simply state, designed to protect our interests with you, do not care enough about its citizens, it is all of us accustomed to thinking of all of us "dumb cattle. Yes, there are law enforcement agencies, courts, army, huge bureaucratic superstructure, designed to work for us, protecting each other and from the invasion of "our partners". Lacks the main thing – the protection of any citizen of our society from the tyranny that reigns in our country. In the modern world "slavery" to become voluntary-involuntary. Man sells his labor, and often their freedom, for small money, and after the enraged to discover that he no money, no freedom.

The current situation in the country is not only dangerous, it copies one of the ugliest features of the Russian Empire – the bureaucratic arbitrariness. Gone so far that now, this phenomenon is called – chaos. The peculiarity of Russia's history lie in the fact that the government encourages employers to no respect for the rights of its citizens. These phenomena have always existed in one form or another, throughout the world. In Russia, loudly proclaiming the power of the "bright future, the past 90 years, took an even more ugly and comical traits against outright lawlessness. I believe that the task of any modern state is that it does, the state must, first of all be free market sales of individual and collective human services and goods. For all sales transactions of goods and services, the state must be the guarantor of legality and, strictly, to monitor compliance which shamelessly exploited the man and his work, shown in the property, it is meaningless maimed people's lives, people are dying and their talents.

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