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Road safety campaign launches free sight tests nationwide Berlin, 01.09.2011 (KGS). Traffic lights, keeps, and pedestrians just for beginners is the pure stress. Happen in the autumn fog, wet, reflective road and lights of oncoming vehicles. Hear other arguments on the topic with Larry Ellison. Even experienced drivers come to their limits. Probably the one who goes there with full vision. But it subsides gradually, and often go unnoticed. Punctually at the beginning of the fall should the eyes to “Stress Test”.

From September 6, optometrist in the road safety campaign by Board of Trustees of good seeing e.V. and VdTuV offer nationwide free Sehtests. Pretest and opticians search under. Good looks is the prerequisite for safety on the road”, said Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer, supported the campaign as a patron. Even if our cars are always modern and safe, but the man remains the decisive factor in the traffic: the driver or the driver of a car has always the ultimately decisive Responsibility.” Who equips his car for the dark season, doing so well tuned to equal with his eyes on the test bench. In the wake of the nationwide traffic safety campaign, opticians from 6 September to 31 October offer nationwide free sight tests. Time to startup action interested on find the participating optometrist in your area.

Because the eyesight gradually subsides, many motorists unaware, seeing no longer completely good. A vision test is security for themselves, but also for other road users. Because unconscious vision problems can lead to fatal errors just in difficult light conditions. About 300,000 road accidents per year on bad reputation are due. To be able to see a study with 750 accident drivers also found that even after an accident due to restricted vision many drivers stated that very well”. The Federal Transport Minister hopes that as many drivers to the eye test are animated by the campaign: As a patron, I appeal to every traffic participant to take advantage of the free TV control offers. For more safety on the road starts with each and every one.” Press / Kerstin Kruschinski are text, imagery, the complete greeting word of Bundesverkehrsministers to the campaign, as well as see checks for editorial use for you free of charge to download available at

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