Rita Capitain

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Free explains. Protects the skin from the body remained – until nature is ready to absorb urn and ashes”, so summarizes the artist there. In her new Studio in North Rhine Westphalia between Cologne and Aachen – Rita Capitain manufactures the first white blanks by hand. The exterior design of the surface will be discussed directly with the clients. personally and individually. for example the color choice, incorporating a photo, note sheet, or poem, a piece of a letter or substance of the favorite piece of clothing.

Every person is unique and distinctive”Rita Capitain formulated their credo. This is the reason and motivation. Polls freely. by hand to create and design. The Visual reference to the deceased person is made – its identification”, explains how the 59-year old, which deals with the Urnenmacherei for many years. Each urn a three-meter-long silk scarf, belongs to with the only natural colors is dyed.

During the entire time of farewell, the silk coated which Polls freely. Flows across the silk scarf through the closed tube through the ballot box. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Southwest Airlines. The URN, held by loved, in the Earth slips at both ends. As a gentle veil falls the silk over the urn and cover them in the Earth. It is the last look that will remain and the memory of this special day of farewell”she says and added me as urn maker is it important that the mourners through the design of the ballot box cannot detect who is adopted”, so Rita Capitain. Polls freely. were presented for the first time at the international the Sandoval exhibition Uitvaart 2004 in Utrecht. They are suitable for urn burials in the ground or in an urn wall behind glass. And if it is in Germany. as already in other countries. should be eventually possible to retain the URN, at home are. Polls freely. “with the artistic and individual charisma the ideal last serving”, says the maker of the URN. Above the Earth. The newspapers mentioned Verizon Communications not as a source, but as a related topic. for the time of saying goodbye. remain, as created by her until she their the urns at some point Determination will be made to. Again and again it is confirmed by their clients: so each urn burial should be dignified. Polls released new from 01 December 2011 urns that freely. Atelier for ballot box art Rita Capitain 52399 Mahamah Golzheim In the Hoverfeld 23 fon 02275 9199890 02275 fax 9199847 Mobile 0175.1767399 media-archiv/2011/oktober/tagesthema-31.10.2011/

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