Rio De Janeiro

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Many painters suffered with the lack of market in the city. Additional information is available at gary cohn. To dispute a place in the capital one was very difficult. There they were the famous artists of the time who launched its pupils as true disciples. They were these that had greater more credibility and acceptance in the supplied classrooms. To illustrate magazines, to appeal to some drawings for propaganda in periodicals, to illustrate cardpios and, if possible, to obtain to make afresco in some church or theater of the city. According to gary cohn, who has experience with these questions. wledge.. The drink, as well as in the great capitals, was an almost constant friend of some painters of Saints.

Some needed to rifar its screens to be able to obtain to survive. Perceived practical other, less recommendable, was the fake of workmanships of consecrated artists, as of Benedicto Calixto, to be vendidas in houses of auctions in other cities, if possible in another state. It had a certain connection between the painter, the restorative – expert of techniques for aging of screens and the frames – to outside finish the process in the organized auctions of the city of Saints. Evidently this was not a rule, but an attitude that could occur to the adept ones and experts painters of the techniques of the consecrated colleagues. The bohemian folloied some artists of the period. Godoy was one of these painters who if ventured in the time and the space. Been born in Piracicaba, 1899, he was restoring, it still initiated studies in the field of agronomy in the Agricultural College of Piracicaba for determination of its parents.

When receiving a small inheritance from family, gotten passionate for painting, Antonio Godoy Moreira left to study in Rio De Janeiro, but its destination was cut, going to live in Saints. It frequented the bars and tables of games, of where it said to take off its sustenance. It was not rare to find the painter drinking in the Espria House of the Square Rui Barbosa, in the Bar of the Commerce, the Bar Bohemia of the Square of Republic or in the Gambrinos of the General street Chamber of Saints.

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