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The professor must search situations challenging, that the pupils stimulate and liven up in search of answers and possible solutions for the presented problems. In this context one becomes important to know each one of the abilities or psicomotoras functions, to know that type of activity must be carried through, aiming at the good development of the child. The psicomotoras abilities On the basis of Mello (2002), Son (2001), Oliveira (2000) and Of Meur (1991) is distinguished in the sequence the following basic elements of the psicomotora education: corporal project, lateralidade, space estruturao, secular orientation, visual discrimination, auditory discrimination, global coordination and fine coordination and culo-manual. Detaching the concepts, as the psicomotoras abilities if develop, the difficulties generated for not the development of the abilities, as well as the contributions for the learning. Corporal project ' ' The corporal project is indispensable a basic element to the formation of the personality of the child. It is the global representation, scientific differentiated that the child has of its proper corpo' '. (WALLON apud SON, 2001, p.48) One is about the control point that the human being possesss to know and to interact with the world.

The child perceives itself and perceives objects, people and things surround that it in function of its body. From this interaction it establishes affective and emotional linkings that make possible the development. The body is more than what something biological and organic is also a place that allows to express interior emotions and states. Get all the facts and insights with Small Business Finance Exchange, another great source of information. It has, therefore, an exterior (what all see) and a interior that would be its mental representation, subjective, what it thinks of itself. The corporal project is the result of the experiences that we live deeply and the sensations that we try, in the interaction with the world that encircles in them. Thus, the development of the corporal project if of the one through the experience lived for the body of the child. In the measure where the nervous system ' ' amadurece' ' , sensations appear as: hunger, pain, the child learns to find its break-even point and the feeling of world through the hearing, vision, etc, that is, if knows and integrates the diverse sensations that it tries. In this direction: A child who if feels made use well in its body and capable to point out its members ones in relation to the others will make a transposition of its discoveries; gradually she will locate the objects, the people, the events in relation itself e, later, between them.

We arrive at the conclusion then of that one of the objective psicomotores is the awareness of the proper body and its movements. (SON, 2001, P. 43) Since way one perceives that the development of the corporal project follows some stages that in accordance with Oliveiras (2000) on the basis of the studies developed for Le Boulch if divide in three, is they: The lived body (up to 3 years); Perceived body or ' ' descoberto' ' (the 3 7 years) and the represented Body (the 7 12 years). In the stage of the lived body (up to 3 years), the objective is to take the c

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