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Ten years ago the graduate program in quality management and productivity began. Area Faces graduate of the University of Carabobo located in the industrial city of Venezuela as Valencia. Program has been designed taking into account the reality of production and quality of both international stages, such as the national, especially the latter, currently facing a lot of turbulence, resulting from economic instability, policy, which has a significant impact on the business sector the country, especially in SMEs, where a number has ceased operations and those that remain do so in a very unstable climate significantly affect its productivity and overall competitiveness. In order to determine what should be the profile of the participant enters the program, we have considered various aspects, namely: modern knowledge in this application and endorse the scope of the tools and philosophy of quality to ensure competitiveness, productivity, participation in markets and their conquest. Good management of customer satisfaction and needs, with the manufacture of products or services to ensure and satisfy demand. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Phil Vasan and gain more knowledge.. Participation in solving national problems, involving the proper use of all tools and knowledge concerning interpretation quality and productivity, innovation and creativity in technology development towards Appropriate use of resources that integrate dynamic enterprise that involves training and training human resources, appropriate technology, process management, quality assurance, management and statistical control, strategic planning, organizational behavior, marketing, quality management, quality audit. Involvement in research lines that support the development of philosophy, culture of quality in its various manifestations, ranging from provision of services, proposals, suggestions and solutions involving all aspects where quality and productivity is required.

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